♡ Jizzie ♡  by YaraH3
♡ Jizzie ♡ by Yara H
She was shaking so hard it was hard for her to walk. I didn't know if it was from fear or because she was cold....
  • theorionsound
  • jizzie
  • kidnapp
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Bullied by zach herron  by hayley-savage
Bullied by zach herron by hayley
Daniella has been bullied by zach herron and the boys for about three years now you jonah,Zach and jack used to be friends but somehow that stopped. WARNING THIS BOOK U...
  • hurting
  • cuts
  • lies
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Not So Cliche Kidnapping by MoonSpire
Not So Cliche Kidnappingby Jessah Knopp
Melissa Collins was an 'ordinary girl.' Well, if you consider 'ordinary' as a bullied, depressed, quiet girl who wore oversized hoodies to hide her scars of weakness. Me...
  • escape
  • bullied
  • teen
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The Hoodie Girl by SeaWisdom1217
The Hoodie Girlby Emily N.
She hides her scars and pain underneath her hoodie, getting her the name Hoodie Girl. She's lost in her own world. He's a player, and doesn't usually go for the 'fixer-u...
  • badboy
  • teenfiction
  • tears
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Killing Stalking Lemons  by queenzdead
Killing Stalking Lemons by Dead
Prepare yourself for some crazy yandere weird lemons. And yes I do take requests. Hope you try to enjoy my awful writing!
  • bleeding
  • yaoihardcore
  • cuts
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His Shy Little Mate MxB] by _MidnightLuna18_
His Shy Little Mate MxB]by I'm A Fluffy Person
Luca Winter is always shy because he was treated differently in his pack. He was beaten, bullied and always felt vulnerable about himself and where he barley talks and c...
  • attack
  • abused
  • bleed
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•Healing My Scars•- ~An Aarmau FF~ ×COMPLETED×  by RaynaSia
•Healing My Scars•- ~An Aarmau °ʀᴀʏɴᴀ_sɪᴀ_ʟʏᴄᴀɴ°
Aphmau was a young teenage girl who always helps people if they need it. Not to mention her friends, but what they dint know is that she gets abused by her Boyfriend Ei...
  • aarmau
  • sidesstories
  • katelyn
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Dear Bully by DreaminqInClouds
Dear Bullyby Fa Mulan♡
☆Edited☆ ♡This is a Love And Bully Story♡ Brittany gets bullied at school, what happens when she finds out her bully has feelings for her? Will she stay? Will she run? F...
  • suicidal
  • depression
  • bullying
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Alone [IkariShipping/Paul x Dawn] by themysteriouspringle
Alone [IkariShipping/Paul x Dawn]by Ro
In which Paul Ikari, a high school senior, encounters a girl who's all alone, Dawn Berlitz. The two, grudgingly forced to spend their time together working on a music cl...
  • romance
  • music
  • pokemonpaul
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Bughead in love  by nermal123
Bughead in love by Lauren
A bughead love story lol
  • love
  • cute
  • highschool
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3 Chuckys X Reader  by ScreamoCreepyPasta
3 Chuckys X Reader by ScreamoCreepyPasta
This is basically bout u and the 3 chuckys lol duh
  • charlesleeray
  • killing
  • 3chuckys
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Broken Mask  Adopted By Sayuri-02 by Strangest_R134
Broken Mask Adopted By Sayuri-02by only a fool
(Rewrite) Naruto uzumaki your no good,unskilled ninja,and dumb , but what if all was that and act to hide his true self from the world. Lets see how long naruto's mask c...
  • suicidethoughts
  • naruto
  • sakurabashing
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Brothers and Sister //The Orion sound x Reader// by ThatWeirdBlonde
Brothers and Sister //The Orion Sophooooooooo
I know this is really bad give me a break After you lose your parents you and your brothers only have each other but how will they react if you fall in love with their b...
  • dangthatsalongname
  • seapeekay
  • overprotective
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The Bullies and The Date: Where It All Starts  by sucks_2much
The Bullies and The Date: Where sucks_2much
This is my first book and there will be a series to this. So this is where it all begins, a normal teenager girl named Emily goes through stuff in her life. And she meet...
  • teenfiction
  • cry
  • bully
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please stop by 69KetsuekiWolf
please stopby Kaoya
Author = YaoiLover {} Zoulue is the omega in the pack, meaning he is the bottom of the bottom,he is worst then the gum under your shoe. Zoulues parents and big brother...
  • happyending
  • cuts
  • firstbookeverwriten
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Saved By The BadBoys//:Rewriting  by CelestinaJeminess
Saved By The BadBoys//:Rewriting by CiCi
A mute by choice that's a thing right? Well for this teenage girl it's the best choice she has. Every time she opens her mouth trouble comes her way. But ever since she...
  • nightmares
  • twistandturns
  • badboys
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My Brother's Best Friend by martinezdirection
My Brother's Best Friendby Reem 🌚
"Please don't cry, I'm right here." He said helplessly. 🥀 - ** Luna was just a regular 17 year old that lives with her brother and her stepdad. She went to hi...
  • depression
  • emiliomartinez
  • badboy
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Masking Amaya Frazer by juliannav135
Masking Amaya Frazerby Julianna
AMAYA FRAZER decides to go away for college in another state to leave behind the potent people in her life. Despite Clark Weller University costing over sixty grand per...
  • mentalillness
  • teenfiction
  • depression
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Scars [BTS || JiKook] by CluelessMochi
Scars [BTS || JiKook]by PrettyAngel
Jungkook has a secret and Jimin found it out.
  • jungkook
  • cuts
  • insecure
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Emo boy and you by biersackisnotonfire
Emo boy and youby michaela biersack
Hey, this story is where you can date emo boys.... Kinda.... Well let me explain.... I'll put (y/n) and that's your name and then we'll have the emo boys name (e.g Darro...
  • cuts
  • emo
  • cute
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