Conner's POV 

"Shut the hell up and fix my tie!" I snapped at Daniel, Oliver and Anthony. They were all mocking me about how nervous I was getting. Why shouldn't I get nervous? It's my wedding!

"Chill, chill" Daniel slurred at me and fixed my tie. I gulped and looked at the mirror. Decent enough. Classical tuxedo for a classic wedding. Not everyone knew it was arranged.

"You're going to get bad luck for sleeping with the bride a day before your wedding" Oliver said behind Daniel. I groaned and narrowed my eyes at him.

Farrah and Valerie literally woke us up giving a lecture. Bickering. Dragged a still sleepy Disarray from my room at four in the morning. I groaned and went back to sleep. It wasn't long when Disarray came back a half an hour later when she was able to escape Farrah and Valerie. Then they caught us again. Disarray just rolled her cute little eyes at them, gave me a kiss and finally left. I haven't seen her since this morning. I'll be seeing her walk down the aisle soon.

I felt my heart hammer in my chest. She's going to look so gorgeous in her white gown. 

I walked into the church and everyone was there. There was a lot of Disarray's family I didn't know there. They just gapped at me as I went to greet the ones I did know. I saw my family and I felt better. My cousins, aunts, uncles were here. Disarray's dad was talking to my dad. 

"You look so handsome" my mom cried and hugged. I hugged her back and kissed her cheek. 

"Thanks mom. Is Disarray almost here?" I asked nervously, fixing my tie. 

"She'll be here in ten, fifteen minutes. I just talked to Alexandria. Now go get ready at the alter" she ordered. I grinned and did what she asked. 

"We'll be outside, dude. Farrah just texted me that they're almost here" Oliver said and slapped my back.

"Good luck handling my sister" Daniel said and I rolled my eyes. 

"Conner, don't drop the ring" Anthony said and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Not cool" I snapped and he laughed. 

Everyone settled down and I stood there ten minutes, nervous. I had to stop myself from running my hand through my hair because I would just mess it up. 

As I started to clam down, the wedding March started and my heart went crazy. The doors opened and the couples came out. First it was Oliver and Farrah, Daniel and Alexandria, then Valerie and Anthony.

 A few seconds later, she was there, her arm wrapped around her fathers. 

Disarray's POV

I didn't have a moment of peace the moment I woke up. My mom, the people she hired and the girls were all getting me ready. They touched my nails I got done yesterday, pedicure. Everything. I barely had time to eat breakfast. 

"You look beautiful!" my mom cried over and over again. I smiled and looked at myself in the mirror. My mom hired a makeup artist and hair stylist for me and the girls. I looked very nice. I asked for simple makeup because I knew that's how Conner liked it. My dress was long and gorgeous it made my curves stand out. 

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