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The Boy Next Door by ummidk123
The Boy Next Doorby Karley
{COMPLETED} {BEING EDITED} He was Satan Jr. I was a messed up, low life, loser I didn't have anyone left He seemed to be the only one But would I let myself let that ha...
  • fiction
  • love
  • teen
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Seventeen by Sunsetcity17
Seventeenby Xay
Everything can come crashing down no matter how good life may seem to be. Poor, rich. Famous or infamous. It doesn't matter, no one has a perfect life. If she'd only bee...
  • loneliness
  • hate
  • drama
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Can You Be What I Need? by Fire_Work65
Can You Be What I Need?by Fire_Work65
McKenna Steel hasn't had the best life. Her dad was abusive to her so her mom left him, her mom's job is very unstable so they're always moving, being bullied, abused, b...
  • past
  • drama
  • roamance
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What Happened to All Of our Dreams by XAceJinxX27
What Happened to All Of our Dreamsby XAceJinxX27
They were living a happy-perfect life until everything came crashing down with just a few mistakes. Will their Happy-Perfect life ever be back or will they have to stay...
  • drama
  • fantasy
  • roamance
The UnKnown Word by mical111
Abie is a highschooler, lots of things are changing... like her feelings for her friend Maggie her best guy friend. They start to date and things get interesting...
  • fun
  • teen
  • roamance
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Caleb and the quirky, awkward, weird girl, Lucy. by Charles80
Caleb and the quirky, awkward, Reonardo
If you ever met a girl like Lucy, let's just keep it between us. She's quirky. She's awkward. She's weird. But above all those disadvantages, I like her. I mean - I rea...
  • problems
  • teens
  • sad
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Prologue by melanie_horan69
Prologueby melanie_horan69
Prologue What am I going to do when I met the person I really hate? Am I ready to face hell? Is he going to change me? Am I smart enough to ignore him? Am I ready to fal...
  • funny
  • roamance
  • serious
From the Start by Niallzgirl789
From the Startby alice
Abigail Jones was having the best life known to man; popularity, style, friends, and a perfect boyfriend named Travis...or so she thought. As the story goes on, Travis l...
  • niallhoran
  • harry
  • zayn
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upside down and abstract by skythegeek
upside down and abstractby Sky
Elizabeth is not like any normal girl. She is a maid. Well that isn't very abnormal in their time period. Well let me tell you the strange part. She is a demon. Okay, ok...
  • roamance
  • fantasy
  • interesting
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Cupid Calling Him by AriaCA
Cupid Calling Himby AriaCA
C.A Cupid, also know as Cupid is daughter of the one who makes love himself- yes Eros. Cupid is 17 and has siblings. Romance 18, Love- her twin 17, Heart 10, Angel 6, an...
  • bow
  • heartfilla
  • roamance
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Starting All Over by KaityRose15
Starting All Overby KaityRose15
Camden Smith hasn't had an easy life and being friends with Ky Xanders hasn't made it any easier. Camden and Ky have been friends for most of their lives and they've alw...
  • girlxboy
  • love
  • heartache
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The Lucky One (RE-WRITING!!!) by MusicRocker22
The Lucky One (RE-WRITING!!!)by Taylor
  • onedirection
  • zaynmalik
  • liampayne
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Out of the Closet by _Not_Used_
Out of the Closetby jayde
Short Story.
  • trust
  • lgtb
  • friendship
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Sinners by centipedenanase
Sinnersby centipedenanase
yuuki is just an ordinary third year, with an ordinary life. who catches the eye of a Takeshi fukuhara. he loves everything about her, her blue eyes, her long, straight...
  • yandere
  • roamance
  • thriller
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NOT A LOVE STORY by BhavaniGujja
Hello reader, Thanks for deciding to read my story, if you already have, if not do give it a chance. For now I am uploading a chapter. I will continue writing only base...
  • indian
  • forcedrelation
  • forced
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TRY ME  by Adaline04
TRY ME by Adaline04
~ This is the story of me Blake Anna Reely. Yes I know Blake sounds like a boys name it's my name and I'm very much female. I am not only a member but the leader of the...
  • teen
  • roamance
  • mafia
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Academia Elementar by MonicaR123321
Academia Elementarby MonicaR123321
Imagine um mundo onde todos os garotos e garotas da sua idade tem o poder de controlar um dos quatro elementos da Natureza: Ar, água, Fogo ou Terra. Imaginou? Bom, entã...
  • magia
  • fantasia
  • roamance
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Falling so Hard by TailHeart
Falling so Hardby DragonTail
A really famous Minecraft YouTuber had been set up by his friends to go on a date with a random girl, and he didn't got a choice because of his friends reasonings. =====...
  • fanfiction
  • roamance
  • music
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Reunion by vivien_vacation
Reunionby Vivien Cheah
  • 100wordstory
  • roamance
  • shortstory
Guardian Huntsmen by Herath_Fireborn
Guardian Huntsmenby Hearth Everlasting
After the Battle for Beacon, team RWBY (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long, and Sapphire Star) has become Guardians. This is their tale of the fig...
  • adventure
  • rwby
  • crossover
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