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Gambling with Love (DanXreader) by AnnaChi246
Gambling with Love (DanXreader)by AnnaChi246
When Dan and Phil go to a new casino Dan ends up in an interesting situation. Either pay 24 million dollars or become a slave to the head of the casino gambling ring. A...
  • danhowell
  • howell
  • sweet
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(707xReader) (High School AU) Dangerous Love by LexKaye
(707xReader) (High School AU) OneMoreTime
You are a student at the prestigious RFA Academy. You got into the school on recommendations. Your first year of school was boring, nothing to worry about and carefree...
  • lolol
  • readerxcharacter
  • rfa
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Regular Relationships (Mordecai X Reader X Rigby)~human~ by VeggieChips
Regular Relationships (Mordecai VeggieChips
After getting into a fight with your roommate/ best friend about your living habits, you need to find a job to get a new place. Luckily you are, um, discovered (?) at th...
  • romance
  • fanfiction
  • mordecai
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Ball // Lebron James Jr by tash_nt
Ball // Lebron James Jrby DeadRoses
When Jasmine Wade, yes Dwyane Wade's daughter finally meets Lebron Jr...the Lebron James son...will it end in a true friendship? Or a true love??
  • youth
  • dwyane
  • james
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adam-12 by Matchbox5
adam-12by Katie Mae
  • emergency
  • crossover
  • chips
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Kookies Life by ModelCut
Kookies Lifeby My Ocs
Kookie is a outcast girl who is strange and A Kind girl and also generous
  • kookie
  • chips
  • casino
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Dirty Flirting by TDGuiltyPleasures
Dirty Flirtingby Tiger Devonwood
This is my most physical flirting experience and the most memorable one. And yes, we got together. Sequel: How My Ex-BoyFriend Won Me Back
  • chips
  • joking
  • romantic
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The Lion King - Rocky by TFALokiwriter
The Lion King - Rockyby Ivy
Rocky was left at the door of an old ladies house and he was taken in by this lady. When he became a lion teenager with a mane developing he was told to run, when this o...
  • chips
  • bacon
  • lion
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Journey Through The Stars by -Thala-
Journey Through The Starsby -Thala-
It all started with a note... ~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry! I seriously suck at descriptions. Okay moving on. Hello! If you casually stumbled across this crappy af story... thank yo...
  • school
  • friends
  • girl
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Saving Knight: A New Generation by -amber_king-
Saving Knight: A New Generationby Amber
Eleven years after Frank Poncherello proposed and married Liberty, they finally got a place of their own, happy to be in each other's arms. Now, they have a daughter nam...
  • chp
  • fanfiction
  • random
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STUDENT IN KOREAN by ernistay01
STUDENT IN KOREANby ernistay01
  • rin
  • jeong
  • straykids
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The Tortilla Chip and his SALSA by Jieehj
The Tortilla Chip and his SALSAby Jieehj
In a world where food has human traits, a Mexican tortilla chip falls in love with a jar of mild salsa, who he thought was a girl at the beginning. However, when he find...
  • badhumor
  • sliceoflife
  • salsa
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ConnorXFish by ImJustAAkwardPerson
ConnorXFishby ImJustAAkwardPerson
connor was a andriod one day he was there to save a child from a deviant andriod and saved a fish and that fish has been greatful ever since
  • fish
  • bethatchickeninthecorner
  • merman
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Random fact of the day by FearNot
Random fact of the dayby drea
  • andrea
  • speak
  • sleep
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You know your British when... by Schoolgirlsecrets
You know your British Tabitha
It had to made :)
  • james
  • irish
  • conkers
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Untitled Story by -WowThatsALongName-
Untitled Storyby TALiA
  • chocolate
  • chips
  • unicorns
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Idyll by eurekatheknight
Idyllby Call me Eureka.
"I want to break into my father's office." Dyllan's pace halted suddenly. He slowly turned around, his eyebrows furrowed and head cocked to the side. "I'm...
  • anxiety
  • chips
  • mindcontrol
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 cuphead life  by Gh02tR1d3r
cuphead life by Waffle lover
This is about the parody of cuphead but probably in a shitty one and maybe share it with your friends but yeah enjoy
  • calamaria
  • beppi
  • chips
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Before I Fall by necrotizingx
Before I Fallby Shae♥
Danielle (Danny) Jensen had gotten the opportunity that most 17 year olds don't get the chance to take. After the death of her parents, she was forced to move across the...
  • chips
  • air
  • england
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Micro novelas (Micro Novels) by kaltyler
Micro novelas (Micro Novels)by Vito Tyler
Pequeñas historias autoconclusivas para disfrutar la vida, ver lo simple y lo complejo, lo extremo o lo intermedio, todo en la vida de diversos personajes tan efímeros...
  • inglés
  • santiago
  • parejas
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