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The Marble by MrDoobs_son
The Marbleby Bob Doob Jr. of Alcatraz the...
Basically, 2 kids named Robert and Dan are 2 regular kids trying to fit in with a crowd, and the only way is by winning a marbles tournament
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Autumns End by _Crxzyness
Autumns Endby S A M A N T H A
  • lol
  • supernatural
  • highschool
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.-*Forbidden Love*-. An IPhone x Reader .-* by piperthehorse
.-*Forbidden Love*-. An IPhone x R...by Madison Falzarano
And this is where it starts, Y/N (Last Name) Only a few days before college starts after all these years of tying to get in. But, what is this feeling?
  • anna
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The random stories of Zelda The Poo by ZeldaIsABadChild
The random stories of Zelda The Pooby ZeldaIsABadChild
I don't actually know what i'm doing but i do know i can write better than Lynn.
  • random
  • betterthanjameslynnsstories
  • madness
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Eduardo the Sexy Sea Beast (A Comedy) by LittleMissNothing_
Eduardo the Sexy Sea Beast (A Come...by Brianna Phillips
Hello and welcome to another story! You've heard of swashbuckling romance, but have you heard of swashbuckling comedy? Well here it is folks! The book that makes fun of...
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Book Of Inspiration by bluecardigan00
Book Of Inspirationby off stump
Just look at the Dumb intro
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iconic vines by klancetrashboi
iconic vinesby 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
the best vines i could find
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loop by jenny9445
loopby Jennifer Solano
I'm loosing my freaking mind .. ik i said i wasn't gonna write but this is writing material
  • dumb
Jane and Taylor conquer the world  by gracepurple23
Jane and Taylor conquer the world by Graciepurple
Two stupid bitches that are pretty litty and retarded as you can seee K bye
  • tru
  • relatable
  • bitches
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Uta No Prince Sama Animals by iiRyuya-Hyugaii
Uta No Prince Sama Animalsby Hyuga Ryuya
Where you find everyone except HEAVENS in this book with or are pets.
  • hilairous
  • starish
  • utapri
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the book of sins | a blog by funsocietyxx
the book of sins | a blogby 轉 [mom]
hi my name's leila, im muslim and im one of the gayest humans alive, if you're racist, islamophobic or homophoobic quit being a brat and kill yourself thanks for coming...
  • ramadan
  • music
  • fasting
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i'M sO dUmB by -The_Official_Pearl-
i'M sO dUmBby wowowowowowowowow
A photo dump story, cuz my fucking storage is super low-
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  • idontknowwhatimdoing
  • derp
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Love is a song by Swatantra_Parshholic
Love is a songby Swatantra Acharjee
Highest rank - 485 (16/05/2018) in Chick lit Rank - 538 (03/05/2018) He is the king of singing world. She is merely a school teacher. Their past was bright.. Their lo...
  • baby
  • hurt
  • pain
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RANT by AnDrEaDhErBiBlE00
RANTby NoBoDy00
Just me ranting 🤷🏽‍♀️
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Hypotheses Of Mine. by Retro_Federal
Hypotheses Of Mine.by Retro-Under-Federal.
If you saw the book "What If?", This is like the same phenomenon. I probably won't post that much because I'm not that smart. P. S. I like Burtdow, Deep-Sea Wa...
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Willy's Conspiracy Theories 101  by httpsTL
Willy's Conspiracy Theories 101 by ❣️
**WARNING THIS BOOK MIGHT CHANGE HOW YOU VIEW THINGS, THIS MIGHT BE INVALID** Cover background : PicsArt @FionaFernandez14 (no copyright) By: @httpsTL & @james586
  • jokes
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The weirdness of my life by Animestation
The weirdness of my lifeby C-c-c-c-COMBO BREAKER
Yeah, it's weird to re-make a story based upon my life, but I don't care right now. Just felt like doing it. Same thing as the last story. Dumb.
  • depression
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random thoughts by dxrkclarissa
random thoughtsby dxrkclarissa
these are random thoughts I have. so I write them down
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