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Literally My Life by lilykenna
Literally My Lifeby lilykenna
This story follows Diamond. A young teenager who might end her life because of the horrible things that has happened in it.
  • love
  • yolo
  • issues
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Awareness by similardisarray
Awarenessby similardisarray
  • awareness
  • lightbulb
  • sanity
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SILENTLY  SCREAMING by SoulfullySufficed
Scream it out before it swallows you whole
  • disarray
  • anxiety
  • feelings
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The Adventures in the Amazonian jungles by DaegoniusThadeus
The Adventures in the Amazonian ju...by DaegoniusThadeus
A series of characters living life in the brazilian jungles.
  • disarray
  • strife
  • adventure
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Unleashed by _Murderbecomesus_
Unleashedby Prince Samule
Disarray, Connor and Sam were all friends. One day Sam and , the boys of the group, found a portal that lead to another dimension to a world full of supernatural creatur...
  • lee
  • supernatural
  • kill
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Peace by VictorySalad
Peaceby Khalonji Bulluck
It's what I want. It's what I need. It's...
  • love
  • thoughts
  • rambling
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In the Eye with You by TheGenius
In the Eye with Youby TheGenius
  • storm
  • hope
  • love
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Chaos, Book 1; Emergency Trilogy by CalebT-Schnerch
Chaos, Book 1; Emergency Trilogyby Writing's Cool I Guess
A long awaited project has been kicked off and put into full gear! I've been working on this on and off since I first wrote my Christmas Special and I have to say I'm be...
  • disarray
  • america
  • apocalypse
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Total and Utter Disarray by bridgetbaby
Total and Utter Disarrayby bridgetbaby
A girl with a horrible past is coming to terms with what happened. What she doesn't realize is it's bringing her closer To the truth of what really happened that night...
  • love
  • beginning
  • dreams
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