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Ms. Carter's Detention: Sky by marceloeguerrero
Ms. Carter's Detention: Skyby Marcelo Guerrero
A frustrated art teacher has had enough with a 14 year old skater girl's attitude in her class and comes up with a very special kind of detention for her.
Forbidden Fruit by marceloeguerrero
Forbidden Fruitby Marcelo Guerrero
Alex, lost in a maze of forbidden thoughts, finds himself ensnared by thirteen-year-old Mia's playful teasing, his best friend's sister. Her flirtatious glances and coy...
AM (Alex Turner X (Fem) Reader) by Ethereal_505
AM (Alex Turner X (Fem) Reader)by hell bent on self destruction
"You got a middle name?" "Arabella." (Under editing)
Reincarnated Yoriichi Reader x Demon Slayer by Lowfli
Reincarnated Yoriichi Reader x Lowfli
Unless they had seen him in battle, or the more unlikely option of him opening up to someone, no one truly knew Yoriichi, he had been the only one to ever cut down that...
The Johnson Twins by SweetTiana15
The Johnson Twinsby ava 🤪
After moving to Virginia to live with her mom's new fiancé, Ashlee realized that not only will she be living with a man she doesn't care for, but he also came with twins...
Why Our FanFictions FLIPPING Suck! by endless-seas
Why Our FanFictions FLIPPING Suck!by Chloe of the Funk
Do you want to know why they suck (for the most part)?! HUH?! Do you wish to see my personal pet peeves in FanFictions and avoid them?! HM?! Well, read this rant book, w...
Naruto boyfriend scenarios  by AngrySnekBoi
Naruto boyfriend scenarios by Fawn
This is going to have gaara,kiba,naruto,tobi,and deidara! (Characters might be out of character so sorry!) Added more! #10 in suck #5 in suck #2 in suck #843 in anime #...
Alex Turner One Shots by Crying-Icies
Alex Turner One Shotsby Turnernator
Some one shots of stuff I think is cute or whatever.
I'm His Mate by bnicoleluvslife123
I'm His Mateby B.Nicole
You know last year when I wrote Santa a letter (yes I’m 18 and still write letters to him) when I said I wanted to have a little more excitement in my life, that did not...
What's Hot? That's not. This is! by KaityElisa
What's Hot? That's not. This is!by Kaity Elisa
Lately, I seem to get the question "What else is good to read on Wattpad?" Well, I'm sick of typing it out 50 million times, so here it is! 10 points for lazin...
Lyric Book #1 by vettechoneday
Lyric Book #1by Kim
Just songs I listen to on a regular basis.. Some of them are pretty important to me... If you want me to add one, just ask and I will find the lyrics, video, and I'll de...
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Periods Suck. PERIOD by unigurlz
Periods Suck. PERIODby #sihanté
basically every woman's problem; PERIODS © 2015 by unigurlz. All rights reserved.
Give It A Chance (Student/Teacher) Short Story (Completed) by guitarfreak8810
Give It A Chance (Student/Teacher) Emma
Grace Frost is trapped in the terrible prison that most people call high school. Her brother, Evan Frost, is the most popular kid in the history of the school. She is a...
Thằng Sơn lớp trưởng và loạn luân khi lớn by WHOAMI1989
Thằng Sơn lớp trưởng và loạn luâ Erik_Alison
Vào vấn đề chính luôn nha mọi người. Nhân vật chính cũng là chính chủ: Vũ 24 tuổi.
Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers,by Pryde7
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
Short Horror Text Stories  by ysablegomez
Short Horror Text Stories by ysablee
These stories are all made up and are unreal. Enjoy. •Missy Killer Princess will be discontinued for a period of time. * sorry for all the late updates guys. Will be u...
haikyuu one shots by angelhasnocake
haikyuu one shotsby oikawaslefttoe
so uh this is gonna have bxb relationships and haikyuu x female reader one shots.this will contain fluf,angst,and lemon.also i don't own the haikyuu characters,and if yo...