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Jealousy by SansysGirl
Jealousyby PhanderGirl
At the ripe age of 20, Novella was kicked out of her parent's house to make room for their favorite child just graduating from college. Living out on the street with mak...
  • anxiety
  • talyn
  • jamahl
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Why Valerie? by ChampagneLil
Why Valerie?by ChampagneLil
Valerie fell in love with somebody who had a girlfriend. She believed his words, got lost in his touch. A moment of weakness is what she said but the moment never seems...
  • cheating
  • beauty
  • bigsean
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Something Simple by SimplyAbby
Something Simpleby SimplyAbby
When the popular band 'Teeth' comes to stay at Rain's house, and take over her school, Clearwater High, Rain doesn't think she can handle the strange group of boys. Will...
  • teen
  • valerie
  • school
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The Dark Abyss by jameee
The Dark Abyssby jameee
CRASH!!! I could hear the clock smash in the bedroom under mine, I could hear the screams. I whimpered, hidden under my covers, tears streamed down my face, my only sola...
  • abuse
  • dark
  • kate
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Power Couple [h.s] by amxitionist
Power Couple [h.s]by nova
"You look lovely tonight." Harry muttered quietly into my ear, still facing the flashing cameras. I suck my teeth and I decide to not comment back, knowing wha...
  • mercado
  • harry
  • valeriemercado
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The 11 Days Bet by __ToTheMoon__
The 11 Days Betby Theodora 🚀∞
He was the gorgeous, popular jock with the body of a Greek god. She was the beautiful,athletic, talkative with amazing character girl that almost everyone liked. They ha...
  • myfirststory
  • 11
  • 11days
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Why did you kill him? by mischievious_cat
Why did you kill him?by Mischief
  • oneshot
  • valerie
  • michaelclifford
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The Not So Feared List by babyangecakes
The Not So Feared Listby babyangecakes
  • badboy
  • thefearedlist
  • awkwardmoments
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The Recovery [Pokemon FanFic] by dramaticlove
The Recovery [Pokemon FanFic]by Jaycee
This story follows a girl a year and a half after a terrible accident. The shy and quiet clutz known as Valerie Warner, has turned into a Smart and Hard working girl. Sh...
  • girls
  • hugh
  • sequel
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The Boy and the Superstar by lilyandreilly
The Boy and the Superstarby Billy Bob Jones
Valarie Badd is topping the charts and taking the world by storm, but there's a problem. Valarie hates fame. What Valarie loves is music. She feels out of touch with hap...
  • singers
  • famous
  • valarie
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Me by XxSkater_girl_2000xX
Meby Suerische Isere Lumbres
  • chloe
  • angel
  • erika
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What I'd Sacrifice for You by SteampunkSpider
What I'd Sacrifice for Youby Camilla
After moving to Grove, Oregon, Valerie Murphy finds herself entwined with a deadly past, present, and future concerning two students at her high school. And when she rea...
  • nolan
  • killing
  • bureau
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The boy next door  by TheRoyalPageMaster
The boy next door by Royal
Three houses Two girls One boy What happens when Valerie and Olivia two Frienimes both fall for the new boy who lives next door, who just so happens to be the amazing...
  • valerie
  • next
  • lovetriangle
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Wander(book three) by dva_is_gay
Wander(book three)by I Am God
Hello, again. hehehehee. sorry about the major cliffhanger. hehehehe. However, here I'd the third, and hopefully final book, final battle, and final war. This book, will...
  • valerie
  • bobby
  • dean
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Shade Of Love {Completed} by EmilyWong083
Shade Of Love {Completed}by Emily Wong
Another short story. This time, about someone who I loved; someone who I treated like a sister; like a human; like everyone wished they were treated like. I love her, an...
  • relax
  • world
  • lover
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Valєríє (The Weeknd Fan-Fic) by Iesha07
Valєríє (The Weeknd Fan-Fic)by iesha
"ι never тнoυgнт ι ғeel тнιѕ ĸιnd oғ нeѕιѕтaтιon...мy нand on anoтнer gιrl...ι wιѕн ι dιdn'т нave тo lιe...ι wιѕн ι coυld leт yoυ ĸnow...caυѕe ι love yoυ...and ι ne...
  • abelxo
  • houseofballons
  • xotillweoverdose
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TMNT Boyfriend ❤ by ValerieTMNTRaphie
TMNT Boyfriend ❤by ValerieTMNTRaphie
Valerie is just a normal girl that just moved into New York recently, but what she finds in the city might not be what she expected... In a good or bad way. Its been a w...
  • micheangelo
  • raphael
  • fanfiction
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  • jemiemamay
  • manalo
  • valerie
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Anxiety 24 by TaraBrinny
Anxiety 24by TaraBrinny
Valerie Isn't blessed with the easiest of lives. She has 24 hours to fix herself. Will her anxiety take over, or vanish?
  • girl
  • phone
  • overcome
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Show me who you are (Abandoned till notice) by MiaCat
Show me who you are (Abandoned Mia Cat
  • detectives
  • mystery
  • teen
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