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Alexandria's POV

"Yeah, well that idiot is drunk!" I heard Disarray yell. I yawned and sat up on my bed. What's happening?! I asked myself. Then my mind immediately started thinking about Daniel. He went to the club and got drunk, typical for a guy like him.

"This isn't funny, Conner! Don't laugh!" she yelled and I heard Conner's laugh get louder. Then I heard him mumble 'Ow'. I smirked.

I walked out of my room and saw Conner coming out the room with Disarray frowning with the keys in her hand. Conner had an amused look and Disarray just looked irritated.

"Hey, Alex! Guess what? Daniel calls me now, at 2am, while I'm sleeping to pick him up!" Disarray says annoyed and Conner was having a hard time not laughing at her expressions. She smacked his chest and he laughed.

"Conner!" she growled and he kept laughing. She groaned and went downstairs.

"We'll be back, Alex!" Conner yells. I chuckled lightly to myself and went back into my room. I was never afraid to stay home alone, I mean, my parents were home, but the nights they went to gamble, I was never scared to be alone.

I leaped into my bed and snuggled deep into my blankets. Half an hour later, I heard the door slam. I hear Disarray yelling, Conner laughing, Daniel talking to Conner complaining.

"I swear dude! S-she's always like t-this!" he exclaims making Conner laugh. I hear footsteps and my door open. Conner pops his head and grins at me.

"Night Alex," he said and left. Then Daniel walks in my room. I was pretty awake now. He sat at the chair across the room. He didn't look drunk, well just a bit tipsy, bit some people knew how to keep a poker face. I sat crossed legged and he just sat their looking at me intensely. His deep blue eyes were watching me carefully, I couldn't help but feel butterflies. I blushed.

"You're so pretty, Alex. Prettier than all those girls at the club," he said. He kept looking at me with that intense look and I blushed so red, I looked down.

"You're drunk," I stated. He frowned then thought about something.

"Not anymore," he said and I rolled my eyes at him. I stood up and went next to him. I felt a blush creep up to my cheeks when he gave me a smile. He had dimples and that made him look completely adorable.

"Time for bed," I said and pinched his cheek. I couldn't resist! He's just so darn adorable! He groaned, stood up as if  going to his room, but then he jumped towards my bed.

"Daniel! No!" I groaned and went next to him. I flicked his head and he groaned and looked up at me.

"Don't be a kid," he murmured.
I rolled my eyes and flicked his head softly. "I am a kid," I said and for some reason that made him groan even louder. I sat next to him crossed legged and pushed his shoulder.

"Don't fall asleep, Daniel!" I yelled whispered. He didn't listen to me. I smacked his head and he didn't even react!

"Jeeezus!" I said, letting out my frustration. I pushed him on his side, incase he threw up, he wouldn't choke. I took his shoes off and threw then on the floor. I reached over him to get the blanket. I took a deep breath, jeez! He's drunk, how does he manage to smell so good?!

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