Bad teacher (Camren) by CabelloTopsBitch
Bad teacher (Camren)by CabelloTops
"Who are you?" she whispers. "Call me Karla ..." I murmur. "Karla who?" "Karla Estrabao." She smirks. "Your real name."...
  • teacher
  • student
  • laurenjauregui
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Just a Teacher by jadeproblems
Just a Teacherby ella
Teaching has always been Jade's dream, since she was little. She has been studying hard to make her dream come true. When she gets a job as an art teacher in a school...
  • jerrie
  • lesbiansmut
  • perriedwards
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Kiss me  by Ivettexz
Kiss me by Ivette 🥀
"I've learned my lesson Mr. Bateman" I say as I stand up from my desk and walk up to his. "Have you really Miss Summers?" What the hell is wrong with...
  • arrogant
  • teacher
  • love
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Yes, Ms. Cabello. (Camila x You) by canola-jauregooey
Yes, Ms. Cabello. (Camila x You)by 🍌CanolaJauregooey🙊
//teacher x student\\ Up to twenty years in jail for statutory rape, and the disqualification from working with minors; that's what Camila could face if this got out, an...
  • camilacabello
  • teen
  • wattys2018
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Not what we should be  by nowayout77
Not what we should be by nowayout77
Kelly Cross is more than the popular high school cheerleader dating the quarter back. And the only one that seems to know it is her new senior English teacher Ms. Grey...
  • studentxteacher
  • relationship
  • girlxgirl
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Behind Classroom Doors (student/teacher) by GhostWriter4717
Behind Classroom Doors (student/te...by GhostWriter4717
This book is Completed.... "He can't make you feel the way I can." Mr. Morgan whispered grabbing my face and pulling me to him. His lips came crashing down on...
  • teenfiction
  • abusivecontent
  • completed
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Mr.Hots Temptation (Teacher\ Student) by SweetPookieBear
Mr.Hots Temptation (Teacher\ Stude...by Beyonce Pook
He didn't knew what he had coming teaching at a Catholic school ........ Only to find a girl with the face of an angel but with a heart filled with deep desires ready t...
  • mature
  • romancefanfiction
  • seducing
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Mr. Beckham by WokeQueenie
Mr. Beckhamby WokeQueenie
When Lincoln High gets a new hot teacher, let's just say things get...hot.
  • beckham
  • 13
  • nfl
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Mine (Baldi x Reader) by Janey_fnaf_fan
Mine (Baldi x Reader)by Janey
New fanfic. A short story for Baldi's Basics. You're a nineteen year old girl who's on her way to a school. You end up in a nearly empty school with only one teacher, on...
  • baldixreader
  • love
  • baldi
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That Wasn't Supposed To Happen ✎ by xFakingaSmilex
That Wasn't Supposed To Happen ✎by Steeply
Charlie Landon moves to America with her father after her mother passes away. Everything is confusing, including her feelings for Noah East, her woodwork teacher.
  • forbiddenromance
  • student
  • drama
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A Minor Offense by Hopeless_Dreamer98
A Minor Offenseby Brooklyn Rae
"Well, Ms. Ashley, nothing is wrong with you. You're as healthy as ever" I sighed with relief. "So, what happened then?" I asked the doctor. "...
  • student
  • pregnancy
  • highschool
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Seducing My Teacher •• S.W by fadedlikebieber
Seducing My Teacher •• S.Wby fadedlikebieber
"She's that hot ass student who has a picture of her in lingerie on her phone." --- Kayla's best friend dares her to seduce her English teacher Mr. Wilkinson b...
  • swazz
  • teacher
  • kinky
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Without The Words (Student/Teacher) by xImmortality
Without The Words (Student/Teacher)by kay
Poppy Rose had obliviously changed her life only five years ago, resulting in the death of her mother. Constant blame, depression and suicide attempts came selective mut...
  • romance
  • forbidden
  • completed
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Drama teacher || Jimin x reader || by TheJINius
Drama teacher || Jimin x reader ||by Lejindary
❝What is it Ms. Jeon? Don't you want me yet? Am i not good enough for you?❞ What happens when you fall in love with your own drama teacher? How would you deal with the d...
  • fanfiction
  • suga
  • hoseok
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My Niece's Teacher by StaceyTaylor86
My Niece's Teacherby Stacey Taylor
Brooke Myers is a 25 yr. old that is a third grade teacher who also happens to have run away from her past. She finally is happy and free from her dark past and is ready...
  • sexy
  • hot
  • romance
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My seductive teacher, Mr.Styles by KimRose101
My seductive teacher, Mr.Stylesby Kim
When a normal girl asks the new teacher to tutor her. Things start to get heaty between them. |h.s
  • zayn
  • harry
  • onedirection
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His Obsession by fxckmehHarry
His Obsessionby fxckmehHarry
HEADS UP!!!! This was originally a texting story, but I changed the story up a bit. So, I hope y'all enjoy!💗 §~~~§~~~§~~~§~~~§~~~§~~~§~~~§ "I'm trying to restrain...
  • harry
  • teacher
  • lust
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Indecent Affection by Sillylittlehobby
Indecent Affectionby 9876
Charlotte Park was a normal girl who had just started sixth form. She found that her new teacher, Mr Windsor, wasn't the laid-back, cool guy everyone told her he was. In...
  • obsession
  • infatuation
  • inappropriate
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The French Tutor by rosestardiamond
The French Tutorby rosestardiamond
**MATURE WARNING, THIS IS AN ADULT ONLY STORY, GRAPHIC SEXUAL STORY TO FOLLOW Scarlet was a perfect student who was being groomed to one day take over her parents fashio...
  • teacher
  • mature
  • hot
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the teacher ; g.b.d by troubledolans
the teacher ; g.b.dby troubledolans
"Please, Grayson... We can't," I mutter, pulling myself out of his arms. "You know how much I want you," he whispers, trying to bring me back by my w...
  • student
  • dolan
  • ethan
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