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မကြိုက်သင့်သောတီချယ်🫀 by homi_08
မကြိုက်သင့်သောတီချယ်🫀by Homi
"ဆရာမကိုမချစ်သင့်မှန်းသိပေမဲ့ ချစ်မိသွားတဲ့ကလေးမနဲ့ ကိုယ်တပည့်လေးကို ချစ်မိနေမှန်းမသိတဲ့ တီချယ်"
မြတ်နိုးရသူ by BanMin4
မြတ်နိုးရသူby Theain Hlwar Maung
မပိုင်ဆိုင်ချင်ပါဘူး ငေးကြည့်ရရုံနဲ့ကျေနပ်ပါတယ် ဆရာမရယ်...နှင်းဆီနီနီကိုသိပ်သဘောကျတဲ့ဆရာမ နော်ထူးကတော့...ဆရာမကိုပဲသဘောကျမိပါရဲ့..။ ဇာတ်ကောင်နမည်က နမည်အရင်းတွေထည့်သုံးထာ...
အချစ်ဦး တီချယ် by HpatHpat
အချစ်ဦး တီချယ်by HpatHpat
အဖြူအစိမ်းနယ်မြေမှာပဲ.... အချစ်ဦးကို...စတွေ့ကြစမြဲပါ.... သို့ပေမဲ့... မြတ် ချစ်မိခဲ့တဲ့...အချစ်ဦးက...တီချယ်တဲ့လေ...
မိုးရဲ့ မိုး Complete  by HpatHpat
မိုးရဲ့ မိုး Complete by HpatHpat
တီချယ်နဲ့ သမီးလေး GL ပထမဦးဆုံးမို့ အမှား ပါရင် ခွင့်လွှတ်ပါ🥺
Shame Shame Shame by gaybxtxh
Shame Shame Shameby 👾
A girl named Alexis moves to a new town with her grandmother and grandfather. She lost her parents a year ago in a car accident, so her grandparents felt that moving wou...
Miss Williams [ GirlxGirl ] [ TeacherxStudent ] by MissShephard
Miss Williams [ GirlxGirl ] [ Teac...by MissShephard
Jessica Clark, a seventeen year old girl, is a young student that studies English in highschool. She's been through a lot when she was sixteen. Her mother died in a car...
Random Smut One Shots by lurkinginthepants
Random Smut One Shotsby lurkinginthepants
Perfect for a horny afternoon ;) (2nd time reuploading 😩)
တီချယ်ဒေါ်ဒေါ်  Unicode+Zawgyi  by HpatHpat
တီချယ်ဒေါ်ဒေါ် Unicode+Zawgyi by HpatHpat
ဒေါ်ဒေါ့်ကိုလည်း ချစ်တယ်.... တီချယ့်ကိုလည်း ကြောက်တယ်....
nothing lasts forever{wlw, teacherxstudent} by exclusivepearls
nothing lasts forever{wlw, teacher...by Hello <33
Diana is an 18 year old girl about to start her senior year, she bumps into a woman at the bookstore who has quite the personality. The woman takes the book Diana had he...
My Everything (Cole Sprouse) by KSIsafatneek
My Everything (Cole Sprouse)by Kayla Adams
Imagine falling in love with your Spanish teacher... Ngl though this story got like #1 in Dylan Sprouse. Wrong twin but I'll take it
Lesson Learned {Student Teacher Romance} by WhiskeySeattle
Lesson Learned {Student Teacher Ro...by Caerley
My whole life is 'have to.' I have to work full-time to pay the bills and keep food on the table. I have to finish college for a chance at a better job, no matter how...
teacher's pet by UrHotStepMom
teacher's petby ☆ elysi4n ☆
she's quiet, shy and a good girl. he's much older, manipulative, ethereal and fills the void of her absent father. what Happens when he turns out to be her professor? ☆...
Show Me, Sensei by Tiffanyluvss
Show Me, Senseiby ♡ Tiffy♡
Love comes in all shapes and forms, but Kelly Young had no idea it'd come in the form of her most hated teacher, Mr. Todd. •A Student x Teacher Romance. #1- Teen Fiction...
my fuckboy teacher by Siashiii
my fuckboy teacherby Siashii
Mature content read at your own risk Emily is desperate for him but she want to leave him Don't copy my work
အဝေးကအချစ် ပိုလေးနက်သည်  by HpatHpat
အဝေးကအချစ် ပိုလေးနက်သည် by HpatHpat
ချစ်လားလို့ မေးတာ... တီချယ်က သိပ်မုန်းတာပဲ...ဆိုတဲ့အဖြေကို ပြန်ပေးတယ်.... တခြားသူတွေခေါ်တဲ့ 'အစ်မ'ဆိုတဲ့ နာမ်စားထက်... 'တီချယ်'ဆိုပြီး..ခေါ်ရတဲ့ နာမ်စားကို ပိုသဘောကျတယ...
Dragged Back into Assassination by Aziraphell
Dragged Back into Assassinationby Aziraphell
This is an Assassination Classroom Fanfiction that happens after Nagisa becomes a teacher. He is living a peaceful life when he is suddenly attacked in the middle of one...
Girl Next Door (GIRLXGIRL) by GrayWrites11
Girl Next Door (GIRLXGIRL)by GrayWrites
girlxgirl HIGHEST RANKING(S): #1 IN GIRLONGIRL #1 IN GIRLS #1 IN TEACHER #5 IN GXG An emotionally battered woman with a craving for a attention and a high-school senior...
My Valentine by Just_Like_Magic
My Valentineby Just_Like_Magic
His name was Marshall Valentine. Not only was he married, but he'd been my History teacher since freshman year. He was probably the meanest teacher I had ever encounter...
တီချယ့်ကိုမှ ချစ်မိနေပါပြီ Uni+Zawgyi(Complete) by HpatHpat
တီချယ့်ကိုမှ ချစ်မိနေပါပြီ Uni+Zaw...by HpatHpat
မာန်မာန ဆိုတာ အလွန်တရာကြောက်ဖို့ကောင်းတဲ့ အပြင် အချစ်တွေလည်း ဝေးသွားခဲ့ပါပြီ တီချယ်