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Should he matter? (BXB) by BXBFLUFF
Should he matter? (BXB)by FluffyBoyLove
Thank you so much to @sammahabib for the amazing book cover!! I absolutely love it! 💕💕💕 WARNING: This is a boyxboy book; also is a bit of a cliche but not totally as...
  • boyxboyromance
  • malexmale
  • gayromance
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Mister Popular  by acussed
Mister Popular by ally&ana
Clementine, Clem, Reeves is a laid back girl who blends into the background happily. Never in her life has she wanted to be popular. She's seen the movies with the mean...
  • cute
  • goodgirl
  • romance
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The Nerd Has Benefits (BoyxBoy) by eighteeen_18
The Nerd Has Benefits (BoyxBoy)by Max
(WARNING NOT YET EDITED) Just another cliché story about how the straight jock falls for the nerd. The only difference is, the nerd is hard to get. Copyright 2015 Discla...
  • teen
  • forbidden
  • teenfiction
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His Blue  by MalibuGardner
His Blue by Malibu
Indie Jasper is a shy, unknown writer. Anson Fischart is the school's pretty boy. Indie is not popular by any means, but Anson's status of quarterback, paired with his...
  • hot
  • parties
  • badboy
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The Boy Who Read Minds by veronicasoli
The Boy Who Read Mindsby Veronica
Aaron's special power might just be the coolest -or scariest- thing ever! It's always helped with his bad boy reputation, his rightfully arrogant all-knowing intimidatio...
  • romance
  • jock
  • drama
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Contronym by AmeliaGreyson
Contronymby Madison Amelia Greyson
"I know I'm hot, but keep your legs closed, Mason." *** "Fuck you." I panted out at him. His mouth moved to my ear, sending a chill down my spine as...
  • feud
  • independent
  • sexualassault
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Jock + Nerd [BXB] by SmileOfSketch
Jock + Nerd [BXB]by 🤠
•Highest Ranking: #8 in 'bxblove'• ~ Lucas is new to the town of Lakeville were everyone seems to know each other. But at school was a different story... everyone classi...
  • gay
  • fast-paced
  • bxblove
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Unexpectedly Bad by underspehll
Unexpectedly Badby everything is blue
"Princess, this world's main characters are you and me." She's so broken, fragile, lonely, and helpless. He's too. She's hiding it behind her cheerful per...
  • highschool
  • relationship
  • delinquent
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Owned by my BULLY boyxboy  by latinprince23
Owned by my BULLY boyxboy by Principe Des Calumet
"You will submit to me!" He yelled. As his hand harshly made repeated contact with Jason's bubble butt. His bully was relentless. Little did he know Jason had...
  • boyxboy
  • muscular
  • bully
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Do You Love Me? | ✔️ by katiecruz
Do You Love Me? | ✔️by Katie Cruz
(Humor #3 Romance #4) - This is Clarey: A slim, pretty, brunette tomboy. This is Evan: A spoiled, cocky, handsome rich boy. Mix the two together and what do you get? ...
  • highschool
  • teen
  • humor
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The New Girl by elizabethscott_
The New Girlby Elizabeth
Growing up in an a broken home has made 17 year old Elizabeth Scott tough as nails. When she moves to a new school she doesn't expect anything exciting and just wants to...
  • boyfriend
  • relationship
  • love
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How The Bad Boy Wooed Her by jxxlin
How The Bad Boy Wooed Herby jxxlin
They say jocks and new girls don't mix. With my personality and character, she isn't exactly considered as my 'type of girl'. Yet strange enough, I started having a weir...
  • highschool
  • wattys2015
  • nerd
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The Jock and the Outcast by OrinAlexDutta
The Jock and the Outcastby OrinAlexDutta
the story where a jock falls for a Outcast suicidal girl. Meet Alexis, the girl who was always bullied, both at home and at school. She's broken to the point where she w...
  • die
  • cute
  • badboy
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varsity | vmin  by magicjimin
varsity | vmin by 𝘳𝘺𝘯
❝It's hyung. I'm older than you.❞ In which the nerdiest boy in school, Park Jimin, falls for the biggest jock in school, Kim Taehyung. ©magicjimin | 2018 ↳ ONGOING.
  • highschool
  • vmin
  • fanfiction
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Teenage Trouble by Janay1012
Teenage Troubleby janay diaz
An African-American football player and a caucasian quiet bad girl. They're in high school, and they meet at the park. There are challenges with them being together. One...
  • highschool
  • teenagers
  • football
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Bros List (Sample - Full Version on Amazon) by JSAbilene
Bros List (Sample - Full Version o...by JSAbilene
The Caldwell / Reagan brothers are the talk of Collegetown. Sure they've got a messed up family situation, but they're also the hottest boys around. Aaron, the oldest, i...
  • girlfriend
  • soccer
  • boyfriend
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Jinx  by dancer_x_directioner
Jinx by dancer_x_directioner
Riley Richardson wanted her life to be like those sappy and undeniably cliche novels. But moving to Chicago for scholarship taught her a few things 1) Being weird doesn...
  • weird
  • special
  • jock
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Love is Love (Janiel) by BethaneeyMurphy
Love is Love (Janiel)by Violet Preda
Love is Love and I don't care who knows.
  • selfharm
  • joeygraceffa
  • jock
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Perks of Being a Nobody [ON HOLD] by kjrs614
Perks of Being a Nobody [ON HOLD]by Kaya
What would you do if you were left by your parents at 14 to fend for yourself? Or, had to hide from Child Services for the past 2 years? How about this, you also manage...
  • deal
  • comicbooks
  • jock
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