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Linked||Jordan Parrish by BansheeTerritory
Linked||Jordan Parrishby ♕Queen♕
Cover credit: @convergent Season 4 One folder can change someone's life. It sure changed Lacey's. Her world was turned upside down...
  • love
  • dead
  • lydiamartin
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The Pool Boy by BxxkTxpia
The Pool Boyby Chloe
"Do you not think I know what you're doing, little girl?" He asked with a wicked smirk and he walked towards me like a lion on animal planet stalking its prey...
  • romance
  • bdsm
  • boy
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Inviting The Virgin (Old Version) by XoDreamsXo
Inviting The Virgin (Old Version)by Eilla Beckett
New Version: https://www.wattpad.com/297391719-inviting-the-story-inviting-the-virgin My eye brows had risen. She'd never spoken to me before, although she'd never reall...
  • party
  • pool
  • virgins
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The Secret (A Pretty Little Liars Fanfic) by boundbyblood
The Secret (A Pretty Little Liars...by boundbyblood
(Based after 4x22) Some love is meant to last forever, Some lovers walk out of your life and never look back. But for Ezra, He can't walk away; Especially when a new sit...
  • inlove
  • act
  • vampire
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My Step Sibling by Kittytypewriter5
My Step Siblingby Kitty typewriter
His black hair was drenched and all he had on were sport shorts. 'Um he's my stepbrother.' I thought to myself before leaving his room quickly, going to my room. After s...
  • siblings
  • sexy
  • countryboy
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Overtime by xXBruinsplayerXx
Overtimeby Holly
When Sam manning moves to another new school she expects to be the same outcast as the other schools except when a chance encounter with a hard core but kind jock type B...
  • pool
  • humorfootball
  • hot
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The Only Promise by _rareleo
The Only Promiseby _rareleo
Kadence Rae Emerson has always been the popular girl at school getting asked out by guys. She doesn't find herself attracted to guys though. Sports and academics have al...
  • pool
  • graduation
  • fight
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Sugar Daddy Klance by Lilshire13
Sugar Daddy Klanceby Adam Shirogane
Lance works at Starbucks when he accidentally spills his drink on some important papers and a hot dude he has to pay him back, but not with money. Dominate Keith Submiss...
  • yaoismut
  • richkieth
  • bottom
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My Brother's Best Friend or My Brother's Best Friend's Brother by lnicole
My Brother's Best Friend or My Bro...by Lisa
Diamond has to choose between her crush or his brother who she just found out about. But, when she picks, it seems the guys's to good to be true. Maybe it's because he i...
  • jealousy
  • lust
  • gossip
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Water Polo Rants by whereisthegreensheep
Water Polo Rantsby sheepies
If you play water polo, you will understand this. If you don't you will probably be hopelessly lost, but I guarantee you will still love it to pieces, maybe enough so yo...
  • waterpolo
  • sport
  • random
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Summer Fling by Ace4Spades
Summer Flingby K.C. Walker
YOᑌ ᗰE ᗩᑎᗪ Oᑌᖇ ᔕᑌᗰᗰEᖇ ᖴᒪIᑎG
  • lost
  • love
  • pool
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Hunkydory Resorts and Spa in Midway Dalhousie,India by hunkydoryresorts
Hunkydory Resorts and Spa in Midwa...by hunkydory resorts
With #family suites,Spa, #Restaurant and a #pool available, why wouldn't you want to take your Family to the @Hunkydory #Resorts and #Spa in Midway #Dalhousie,#India ? ...
  • hunkydory
  • marriage
  • honeymoon
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Bad Girl by 202060Tori
Bad Girlby Tori Marie <3
Madison and her brother Cody were out getting things for a party, she runs into her Ex boyfriend Asher. What will Madison do?
  • home
  • cody
  • brother
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Disney World by DisneyWorld528
Disney Worldby DisneyWorld528
This is a story about the time I went to Disney World. I hope you enjoy!!!
  • loveit
  • fun
  • disney
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Pool Party shenanigans  by bapluvbabby
Pool Party shenanigans by taty
A once in a lifetime heartbreak
  • party
  • ex-girlfriend
  • pool
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Deep End by GamerGirl_937
Deep Endby GamerGirl_937
{~This story is about 12 year old girl, Emma Kur, who goes missing after a pool practice.~}
  • gurl
  • thats
  • idontknow
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