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Alexandria's POV

But I didn't.

It was a great idea, and it seemed nice the thought of being in a pair of muscular arms. No doubt about that. I barely even know him, he probably thinks I'm ugly. And a kid. And lastly, what in the world would he think if I just went into his arms?

I sighed and Daniel looked at me questioning. His blue piercing eyes looked curious at my expression and I smiled faintly and waved my hand like it wasn't important. He raised an eyebrow and looked at me closer. I bit my lip, he wanted to know why I was frowning. I shrugged and bulged my eyes at him. He narrowed his eyes at me and huffed lightly. I smirked. Then I felt gazes.

Conner and Disarray were looking at us with that annoying look again! I swear, just because we're actually getting along well, they're thinking that we're going to hook up. I groaned the same time Daniel did. I bit my lip hiding my smile. He didn't, he just grinned at me showing his straight grin.

Conner frowned at us, but then he kissed Disarray's cheek and she blushed. He stood up and went up to his room. We all just sat there quietly in an awkward silence until Conner came down with his things.

"Okay see you guys later," he said and left.

"Do you wanna go now or wait a little?" Disarray asked looking at me smiling.

"Whenever you want to go if fine with me," I said. She nodded and turned to Daniel sitting next to me.

"You need to help is put the Christmas Tree inside when we get back," she said and he groaned and hid his face in a pillow. I slapped his arm playfully.

"Be a gentleman and do what we she says without attitude," I teased.

"Yes m'am," he said, smirking at me and I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Thank you, Alex! I think we'll leave right now, just let me go get ready," she said and went upstairs. I was left down here with Daniel.

"So, what do you think about their complaining?" Daniel asked looking down at me. I sat on the couch crossed legged and frowned; pondering. I could feel him staring at me.

"Well, Conner is an over-protective brother, that's why he talked to me. He's always been like that though, so since he sees us talking and joking, he immediately thinks there's something," I explained and he nodded. 

"I'm going to get ready," I said and went upstairs. I changed into some jeans and a floral shirt with a cardigan. I grabbed my old brown converse and went downstairs. Daniel was still there and I sat right next to him.

I put my shoes on and I groaned. Daniel gave me another curious look.

"Daniel, tie my shoes," I said. He chuckled.
"Who doesn't know how to tie their shoes?!" he said.
"I know how, but I'm too lazy right now to lean over," I said and put my feet on his lap. He smirked and tied them. I grinned.

"Good boy!" I said and pinched his cheek lightly.
"Boy? Baby, I'm all man," he said smirking. I laughed and shook my head. Disarray came down stairs looking at us with a curious look, but then she smiled at us.

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