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No refusal(U&Z)Taekook(Complete)  by AyeEye1
No refusal(U&Z)Taekook(Complete) by Aye Eye
ထယ်ယောင်းကသက္ကသိုလ်ပါသချာ်ပါမောက္ခဂျောင်ကုကဝန်ကြီးချုပ်jeonကြိးကမြင်မြင်ခြင်းချစ်သွားပြီးမှအပိုင်းသိမ်းတာလေး... ဝန်ကြီးချုပ်ဂျွန်ကျွန်တော်ကိုလက်ထပ်ဖို့ကမသင့်တော်ပါဘူးပြန...
(True Omega)Bl.'''Taekook(Complete)  by AyeEye1
(True Omega)Bl.'''Taekook(Complete...by Aye Eye
AOB Ficလေးပါ။ Aရဲ့အဓိပ္ပါယ်ကAlpha Oရဲ့အဓိပ္ပါယ်ကOmega Bရဲ့အဓိပ္ပါယ်ကBetaပါ။ ဂျောင်ကုရဲ့အဖေကPure Alphaနဲ့အမေကFemale Alpha ဂျောင်ကုကDominet Alphaပါ ထယ်ယောင်းကMale Omegaလေး...
The Dark Lady (Tom Riddle) Watching the Movies by Barrowes2021
The Dark Lady (Tom Riddle) Watchin...by Jodi Barrowes
Morgana Nyx Black-Peverell is the Reincarnation of Tom Riddle's love and the former Girl-Who-Lived and Mistress of Death she ended up changing her name to Peverell. She...
Famous friends (social media) by _Infinitestories
Famous friends (social media)by ♾️
Book #1 Y/n a nobody from a small town has close to the same phone number as star Eliza Taylor from the 100 and accidentally gets added to a group chat with a bunch of t...
THE UNLOVED WIFE by Lovesotrue
Yes, it was stupid of me to accept his hand in marriage. And yes, he still loves her so so much and maybe he always will. Will I ever be enough for him to love me back...
undisclosed ; drarry [✔️] by mikeijuana
undisclosed ; drarry [✔️]by ˗ˏˋ 🏳️‍🌈 ˎˊ˗
In which Harry and Draco send messages to one another, neither of them knowing who's on the other end of the parchment. This story is written in text message format (or...
My young Man(Jk&Thv)U&Z by AyeEye1
My young Man(Jk&Thv)U&Zby Aye Eye
လူပျိုကြီးကျောင်းဆရာဂျွန်ဂျောင်ကုကိုမိဘတွေက၁၆နှစ်ကျော်အထက်တန်းကျောင်းသားလေးနဲ့လက်ထပ်ပေးခဲ့တယ်တရားသူကြီးတွေနဲ့.... ငယ်ငယ်ကတည်းကမျောက်နဲ့တူလိုဆိုပြီးကြည့်မရတဲ့ဂျောင်ကုနဲ့သ...
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If The Pokémon Characters Had Facebook [Completed] by Sylveon12
If The Pokémon Characters Had Face...by Chloe
What would happen if the Pokémon characters had Facebook? Horrible things? Dramatic things? Weird things? Irrelevant things? Unnecessary things? The possibilities are en...
အချစ်ရပ်ဝန်းဆီသို့( to the love area)❣️ by ShinYooneain5
အချစ်ရပ်ဝန်းဆီသို့( to the love ar...by Shin Yoon eain
မိုးထိမြင့်မား ❤️ ရွှေတယောညို
Delaney Girls Series #1: Found You | ✓ by bluenriz
Delaney Girls Series #1: Found You...by rizzie
An epistolary. Luna & Zachary [COMPLETED]
More than I should (Lando Norris) by DairyLeeDunker
More than I should (Lando Norris)by DairyLeeDunker
It started with a coffee, it is ended up more than it should. Madeline helps the social media page for the Mclaren team, and primarily for Lando's media during race week...
Fairy Tail Facebook by queen_random1
Fairy Tail Facebookby Chloe
Roasts. Dank memes. Puns. Subtweets. Relatable. Reposts. Shares. Etc. Members of Fairy Tail get Facebook and it's lit af. Lucy: "Why would you have two lives?"...
🖤အမုန်းများကုန်ဆုံးသွားတဲ့နေ့💗(complete) by AyeEye1
🖤အမုန်းများကုန်ဆုံးသွားတဲ့နေ့💗(c...by Aye Eye
အမုန်းနဲ့စပြီးအချစ်နဲ့ဆုံးတဲ့ဇာက်လမ်းလေးပါ အမကိုမုန်းပြီးမောင်ဖြစ်သူ့ကိုတဇာခံလုပ်ရင်းနဲ့မှရူးမူးချစ်သွားတဲ့ပုံစံလေးပါ အစပိုင်းဂျောင်ကုကထယ်ယောင်းကိုအမျိုးမျိုးနှိမ်စက်တယ်...
A Certain Set Of Facebook Sessions by Komigakuo
A Certain Set Of Facebook Sessionsby Walker Perkins
(THIS BOOK IS PUBLISHED ONLY ON WATTPAD) Inspired by felixiglesias8's "Toaru Majutsu no Facebook". An anthology of short stories about the Raildex cast interac...
The Five Nerds is a Gangters (completed) by beelzebubsasuke069
The Five Nerds is a Gangters (comp...by JustcallmeANN
This story is all about 5 girls in disguise to become a nerd for a mission .
Brother(End) by AyeEye1
Brother(End)by Aye Eye
Hiငယ္ေလးတို႔အတြက္အသစ္ေလးေနာ္.... ထယ္ေယာင္းကိုက၁၀ႏွစ္သားေလးကတည္းကေဂ်ာင္ကုမိဘေတြကေမြးစားခဲ့တယ္ေဂ်ာင္ကုက၈ႏွစ္ေပါ့ညီအကိုလိုထားခဲ့ၾကတယ္။ ကေလးဘဝကတည္းကေဂ်ာင္ကုကသေဘာက်ေနခဲ့တာဒါေ...
Perfact Wife(JK &Thv)bl(Jk only Top)U@Z(Completed) by AyeEye1
Perfact Wife(JK &Thv)bl(Jk only To...by Aye Eye
ထယ်ယောင်ဟာဆင်းရဲတဲ့တံငါသည်ကောင်လေးပါညီနှစ်ယောက်နဲ့အဖေတစ်ယောက်ရှိတယ်... မထင်မှတ်ဘဲကျေးဇူးဆပ်ဖို့အတွက်လူတစ်ယောက်နဲ့လက်ထပ်ရမဲ့အချိန်မှာဘဲသူ့လက်ထပ်ရမဲ့ကောင်လေးကိုချစ်မိသွားတ...
Dares by Jesus_Forever
Daresby Alison Page
These are dares that I got dared to do on wattpad or Facebook (they're all like the get to know me things) and maybe some of them I just wanted to do.
12:04 [Akashi Seijuurou] by jekwebwi
12:04 [Akashi Seijuurou]by —
MY SISTER'S HUSBAND by Mbalezinhle90
MY SISTER'S HUSBANDby Mbalezinhle90
A life was put on hold to please the dead. The journey is not an easy one but will she be able to keep the promise she made to her later sister? Even though the journey...