Shattered Love by DNAzzizat
Shattered Loveby DNA
Alexandra Rakers was madly in love with Nikolei Machiavelli and was willing to do everything for him. The night before their big wedding, she had to leave Nikolei and th...
  • love
  • forgiveness
  • hatred
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Forced To Love by KHT3012
Forced To Loveby KHT3012
Highest Ranking: #14 in ChickLit "Don't you ever touch me again! I don't want your filthy hands on me!", he screamed in my face. A new wave of tears surged to...
  • sexy
  • beautiful
  • henry
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Bound by Law by xx_QueenK_xx
Bound by Lawby l i z z i e | എലിസബത്ത്
UNEDITED!!! AND REALLY BAD! Highest ranking: #69 Romance 1/07/18 (HOW?!) *** "Listen here," he roared, pushing me against the wall and placing his arms besid...
  • hatred
  • arrangedmarriage
  • generalfiction
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Expectation Of Love - Finding Love After Marriage √ by deey_jah
Expectation Of Love - Finding Love...by khadijah Sidi Aliyu
Highest ranking #57 in romance hot list - 17/6/18 Edition in progress* "Roshni, I guess that's your name?" "Yes" "I'm sorry for what I am about...
  • arranged
  • suspense
  • marriage
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MaNaN ff: ARRANGED MARRIAGE ( Completed ) by Rrrmsr
MaNaN ff: ARRANGED MARRIAGE ( Comp...by janani
#1 in parth #6 in fan fiction This is a story based on how a forced marriage leads to discovery of soul mates. Join me in this journey of discovering love. Stay exci...
  • fanfiction
  • emotional
  • ff
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Broken Jewel by Shana_geoshini
Broken Jewelby Shana_geoshini
"Eyes on me little one..." he hissed as he scanned her terror-stricken face. "Please don't do this to me.... I beg you!" she screamed as his fingers...
  • mystery
  • devakshi
  • indian
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Own You : YOU ARE SOLD 1 by crazy_n_puh
Own You : YOU ARE SOLD 1by WriterByChoice
What happens when a girl already married is sold just for P L E A S U R E? that's how story gonna take you in. Peep in to know more.
  • darkstory
  • manan
  • wattys2018
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Finding My Husband's Heart by Essy81
Finding My Husband's Heartby Shahi
***HIGHEST RANKING #35 in ROMANCE *** Sarah had a crush on him ever since seventh grade but he never even noticed her. All she ever dreamed of was to get married to him...
  • undeniable
  • passion
  • billionaire
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MY STEP BROTHER, THE BILLIONAIRE #Wattys2017 by curlytops0817
When September Sison was twelve, her mother married billionaire Dante Antonio. She was accepted and loved by the Billionaire except for his seventeen years old son Rafa...
  • stepbrother
  • romance
  • hatred
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Cheater Jimin FF by ParkChimJaz
Cheater Jimin FFby Jazmine Sarmiento
Oh! Babe your here! When you look at him he was tired as hell, but as soon as you look down to his body you saw hickeys on his neck. When you are about to ask him about...
  • tease
  • angry
  • forgiveness
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Hilwa. by rukayya_abdullah
Hilwa.by Ruqayya_aminchi
Story of a girl who moved from a small town in Nigeria to the city, Abuja. Relocating to a complete different place, adapting to a new environment and swanky life; and b...
  • family
  • romance
  • love
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Desire to make you mine!!! ✔️ by nickysweetangel
Desire to make you mine!!! ✔️by nickysweetangel
Highest Rank 1# Mystery 28/5 This a very mature and dark story so read it keeping tissue paper. Just trust me i will never disappoint my readers. A story of a tormented...
  • pregnancy
  • rabbavee
  • love
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My Hot And Sexy Roommate-Yoongi FF [EDITING] by Jimin_HasJams1
My Hot And Sexy Roommate-Yoongi FF...by Jimin_HasJams1
''Did we just have sex?'' I asked Yoongi while taking deep breathes. ''Uh-huh I guess so'' He admitted. He turned to face me and he had a smirk on his face that sent chi...
  • love
  • rm
  • hatred
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My Bestfriend's Boyfriend by charyzac
My Bestfriend's Boyfriendby Mary
What will be your reaction, if your bestfriend and the man of your dreams gets into a relationship? Skye and Vanessa bestfriends forever and not? #935 in TEEN FICTION...
  • bestfriend
  • malese
  • jealousy
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Revenge Of Love : MaNan FF by TreasuresOfHeart
Revenge Of Love : MaNan FFby •SD•
What happens when the person who broke your heart years back, came back out of the blues. And then you are determined to take revenge from that guy. Will you be successf...
  • nandini
  • intense
  • mistake
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PUKAAR  by amna_javed_creations
PUKAAR by Amna Javed
#1 in Romance 10/05/2018 #2 in Romance 08/05/2018 #3 in Romance 28/04/2018 #4 in Romance 25/04/2018 ONCE UPON A TIME I became yours & you became mine And we'll stay tog...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • ishqbaaz
  • hatred
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WALANG FOREVER ✅ by _Ligaw_Na_Pusa_
WALANG FOREVER ✅by Janeninaninanina
[Highest Rank: #38 in Teen Fiction , #1 in Comedy] WALANG FOREVER, Mga Salitang Binitawan Hindi naman kayang Panindigan. Meet Infinity Dynasty, siya lang yung taon...
  • love
  • wattys2018
  • gangsters
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Our Arranged Story (RE-WRITING) by mycupofchai
Our Arranged Story (RE-WRITING)by ❤
Aanchal Khurana, 24, living in Boston. When Aanchal is bound to go to LA along with her parents for what was supposed to be a visit, everything turns upside down when sh...
  • couple
  • arrangedmarriage
  • love
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My Baby (Futanari) by StayGolden08
My Baby (Futanari)by StayGolden08
Andy Fanning, A quiet, mysterious, 21 year old girl that had never been in a serious relationship or had any love interest in her life. She has never really shown any i...
  • babies
  • jealousy
  • gxg
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Banished Prodigy [A Naruto Neglection Story] by tj_22_13
Banished Prodigy [A Naruto Neglect...by Tajinderpal Singh
Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. He Is the Jinchuriki of Nine-tails. Everyone Hates him Including his Two Siblings and His Parents. Anyone who tries to Be his friend, Get a Genj...
  • anime
  • banished
  • minato
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