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Conner's POV

"NO!" I groaned and hid in my blanket.

"Conner! I will hit you!" Disarray warned.

"You have a violence issue," I whispered.

"It's your fault!" she grumbled and sat next to me. She started to pull the blanket away.

"Disarray!" I yelled.

"Conner! I'll bite you!" she warned.

"That's fine, but there are certain places you can't bite...," I said and I laughed.

"Ugh! Your such an idiot!"

I lifted the blanket. She was looking at me with a smile. To see if I disgust her, I grabbed her my the waist and pulled her to me. She didn't even hesitate.

"Why can't we just stay home and sleep?" I whispered in her ear, my arm around her waist.

"Nope, you have be responsible," she said and I groaned.

"Fine!" I said and went to closet. I chose black skinny jeans, Alesana T-shit, my new checkered Vans. I grabbed a towel and went to take a quick shower. After I was done, I changed, I looked in the mirror. Cleaned my piercings. I looked at the clock, barely 6:40. School starts at 8. I grabbed my beat up black backpack. Still had my old school stuff there. I put my wallet in my back pocket. Grabbed my phone and keys and went to Disarray's room.

Was is this constantly happening?

I walk into her door and she only in her under and bra. She was looking at the clothes on her bed, pondering which set of clothes she should wear. Her lips were puckered and she hand her hands on her hips.

She noticed me and her cheeks flushed of embarrassment. She didn't even try to cover herself. She didn't care if I saw her in her intimate close. She looked at me wide eyed as I stared at her.

"Uhh, I'll go start breakfast," I said and went down stairs. I swear these fucking hormones are going to win over me! She just has to be to freaking wannabe.

I made breakfast burritos.

"Disarray!" I yelled and a minute later she came down with her bag. She looked stunning. A white sundress that went perfect on her, silver sandals. Her platinum blonde hair was straight down. Her beautiful blue eyes stood out amazingly. She was so damn gorgeous!

"I'm here!" she yelled.


We ate the breakfast burritos.

"These are so good! Not like those disgusting ones at those fast food restaurants!" she said.

"Thanks. I don't like eating fast food."

"Neither do I. Only like Olive Garden and Denny's!" she said and I laughed.

"I like Olive Garden," I said and she smiled.

When we finished eating it was like 7:30.

"Okay, are you going to take your car?" I nodded.

"Alright, see you at school," she said and hopped in her Lambo. I hopped in my Vanquish.

When I arrived and parked. People immediately looked at my car and popped their eyes when they saw me. I was in shock too. The school was filled with preps! Not one my type I saw. Yet.

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