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Love Times Two -COMPLETED [Approved under PHR] by YaneyChinita
Love Times Two -COMPLETED [ Yaney Matsumoto
*Note: teaser is not yet official* Hindi alam ni Via kung anong espiritu ang sumanib sa kanya at pumayag siya na may mangyari sa kanila ng ex-boyfriend niyang si...
  • banda
  • love
  • yaney
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Falling in Love With Music. by xXxBroken_DreamerxXx
Falling in Love With Izabella Santana
Alex is a girl struggling to find her place in the world. She's shy, nerdy, and a bit of a modern romanticist. She's watched her world fall apart in her head, and hopes...
  • skateboarding
  • music
  • poetry
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Rocker Panel Repair by rustorama
Rocker Panel Repairby rustorama
We Are Your Number 1 Choice for Rocker Panel Repair in MA & NH Rust-O-Rama has been fixing up those rusted out rocker panels for years. We have the skills and the experi...
  • auto
  • repair
  • rust
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Artemis by JesusIsOurSavior123
Artemisby Angela or Ivy
Apollo or Ryan Cooper is everything that Artemis or Jay Collins is not. He's mean, he's a star athlete, he's the man fire, the man every other man wants to be. But mostl...
  • apollo
  • warlock
  • artemis
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Phoebe Calaway's Countdown to Christmas by August_Crown
Phoebe Calaway's Countdown to Hannah
Most people would be decorating cookies or hanging lights during the Christmas season, but not Phoebe Calaway. Instead she has to find the truth about her best friend's...
  • nerd
  • christmas
  • rocker
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Jeep Wrangler Frame Rust Repair by rustorama
Jeep Wrangler Frame Rust Repairby rustorama
Your Jeep Wrangler Welding and Rust Repair Specialists! Jeep Frame and Body Specialists! The experienced welders here at Rust-O-Rama have more than a decade of experienc...
  • welding
  • jeep
  • rust
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Rocker by clockwork8
Rockerby Kassyblue22
Rocker is a 17 year old boy who is a killer creepypasta hard to explain just read book lol!
  • macaroon
  • rocker
One Word:Cliché by BeautifulDarkness101
One Word:Clichéby BeautifulDarkness101
You know that word, ‘Cliché’. “They are so going to be together, it’s so cliché.” “He’s going to survive, it’s kind of predictable and cliché you know?” I mean, that’s m...
  • rory
  • holding
  • songs
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Love Triangle by xxAwkwardness17xx
Love Triangleby Hello I'm Awkward
A shy girl named, Emma, well she comes off as shy, is forced to go to a local band concert by her friend Ivy, who is the opposite of her. Emma gets to know the drummer a...
  • highschool
  • music
  • rockband
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Graffiti Summer by LaurenAllen112
Graffiti Summerby Lauren Allen
4 Days Old was a rock band, and this summer was going to change them. They had just been signed onto a record label with Capital Records and were moving to LA at the end...
  • rock
  • rockstar
  • band
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The Perfect Song by sydandlex
The Perfect Songby sydandlex
After the death of her parents, Delilah Bleu turned to music and never allowed anyone in. That was until the day she met the infamous Sebastian Hale, the sexy crooner fr...
  • sebastian
  • bands
  • school
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The Awakening by FatlessPandaFTW
The Awakeningby FatlessPandaFTW
  • superpowers
  • rocker
  • fallen
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The Cure for Memory by lillianonymous
The Cure for Memoryby lillianonymous
It's been around a year since Calliope's sister, Lina, died and Calliope still can't break past the confines she's put herself in. She's hardly the film-obsessed girl s...
  • death
  • grief
  • reshaping
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Sister Christian by ALittleBitLovely
Sister Christianby ALittleBitLovely
New members of a family are always a big change for everyone. For Courtney Birmingham, going from just her mom to a new dad, sister, and brother is rough. Of course, it...
  • lgbtq
  • biker
  • lesbian
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Frenchie by UnintelligentGenius
Frenchieby Blake
Cynthia Warner is about as average as average can get. Average looks, average house, average clothes, average grades- Until you begin to actually look into her life. She...
  • frenchie
  • rocker
  • immersion
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Rocker Chik Magazine Contests and updates! by RockerChikMagazine
Rocker Chik Magazine Contests Kayla Dani Kaz Maddie
  • chick
  • column
  • rockerchickmagazinecontest
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Faustian Records by greatplains
Faustian Recordsby greatplains
"That after this life there is any pain? Tush, these are trifles and mere old wives’ tales."- Dr. Faustus. Rick Oney is an up and coming rocker down on his lu...
  • drugs
  • short
  • humor
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Punk and Skater, Poetic Dreams by NelseaWritinInFlames
Punk and Skater, Poetic Dreamsby Chelsea Romano
Rikkie one night walks down the street of dark Miami to get home from the grocery store for her mother that doesn't know how to get things herself. All her mother knows...
  • skateboarder
  • hurt
  • abuse
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