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(Chapter 12)

Conner's POV

We both stiffened. There was a girl here that looked familiar, but I don't know her name. Disarray looked nervous.

"Disarray?" the girl asked confused and looked at me with wide eyes.

"Aren't you that new kid?" she said sounding like a bitch.

"Yes," I snapped. She raised an eyebrow. This bitch is a stuck-up.

Instead of Disarray acting like a bitch and pretending like she doesn't know me, she did the opposite. She grabbed my hand and grinned at the girl.

"Your that sophomore, huh?!" Disarray said acting indifferent. She looked confused.

"Ummm.... Yeah. But... Your Disarray so what are doing here with.....," she said then looked at me.

"Conner," I said emotionless. Then Disarray said something that made me looked at her if she's really crazy.

"My business isn't for you to know, but then, I'll just tell you. He's my boyfriend, and if you tell anyone, I'll ruin your little reputation. I want to announce my relationship and I don't want people to find out, out of gossip, okay?" she said like she was stating the obvious. The girl looked nervous and shocked, not nodded. She gave me a wide eyed look and I rolled my eyes.

Disarray looked up at me with a grin and I couldn't help, but grin back at her.

"I'll see you at school then," Disarray said and pulled me with her, leaving the girl really shocked.

Disarray's POV

I left taking Conner with me. He looked like he chocked on something.

"You didn't have to do that," he said and frowned.

"Do what?"

"Disarray you could ruin your reputation by telling them we're... dating," he said and ran a hand through his hair.

"Like I care about my freaking reputation, Conner. The minute they think I'm dating again, they'll try to get with me!"

His gray eyes looked mad, but then it disappeared.

"Let's go meet up with Oliver and Farah," he said and we started walking hand-in-hand still. Conner looked like he was in deep thought and I decided not to bother him. I noticed there was an emo girl always around and looking at Conner with lustful eyes. She noticed I was looking at her with a glare. She looked confused, but looked away. She's probably wondering why I'm Conner's girlfriend, if I'm a 'prep'.

"What are you thinking about so much?" I asked when I couldn't stand his silence.

"It's nothing important, Princess," he said. He looked at me with his intense beautiful gray eyes. I pouted and he laughed. He seemed to be himself again.

Conner's POV

When we reached them, we started walking around. We took pictures with the Disney characters because Disarray wanted to. I bought her stuff from the gift shops. She bought me a key chain thy says, 'property of princess!' she grinned teasingly when she handed it to me, I couldn't help but laugh. She was just to cute. I took out my keys and put it on it. Disarray giggled and as usual, Oliver and Farah would grin at us.

[Note: I actually have a key chain that says that, LOL. My grandpa found it and gave it to me! I do NOT consider myself a princess! LMFAO!]

Once we passed by the sophomore chick and I rolled my eyes at her when she was looking at me. God, she's so irritating! Disarray just gave her happy smiles and acted like nothing's wrong. I love that.

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