The Prisoner Part 3

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It has been weeks since I saw Emma and I was devistated

I didn't mean to go off on her that night

Harley was indeed a psycho something I learned in our first weeks of dating

I had wondered about Emma's behaviour and jealousy toward Harley and I asked Mary about it and she had confessed her daughter's feelings to me

It shocked me a lot to know Emma thought about me, the woman who tried to kill her multiple times, like that

That was the moment I realized I didn't love Harley and also the moment I found out Emma was missing


When I told Harley I didn't love her that way she gave me a sinister smile

"I know Puddin" she said and I frowned


"I know Puddin Emma has feelings for ya I saw the way she looked at ya I just waited to see how long it would take ya to notice"

My eyes brimmed with tears

"I'm sorry Harls" I mumbled and she gave me a sad smile

"I know Puddin. One last kiss?"

"One last kiss" I whisper

Her thumb brushes over my lower lip and her eyes connects with mine

"You were my favourite evil queen"

"You were my favourite psychopath"

She giggles and softly places her lips on mine

The kiss is slow and bittersweet and quickly becomes heated when Harley's tongue enters my mouth making me gasp

When she pulls away she's crying and I wipe away her tears

"I love you Harley"

"I love you too Puddin"

She grins that sinister smile

"Let's go find ya Puddin"


It will probably end in the next part *cries* i liked writing this *whines*

What was that? I should kill everyone and escape

*laughs* The voices....

Kidding that's not what they said

Who ships Harley and Regina though???

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