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So I ship Bubbline and I feel like SwanQueen has the same relationship as Queen Marceline and Princess Bubblegum and for those who don't know they are animation characters from Adventure Time... Also sorry if this is gonna be crappy I'm just going to start writing.....

Regina chuckled to herself as she saw Emma's cheeks turn pink at her words

The pair was currently babysitting Ruby and Dorothy's daughter, Lakota, and they were watching the little kid's favourite show, Adventure Time.

Regina being the tease she is whispered "Let me suck the pink from your cheeks Bonnibel" into Emma's ear

It was kinda their nicknames for each other. Regina was of course Marceline the Vampire Queen and Emma was of course Princess Bubblegum

"Shut up Marcy" Emma whispered to the brunette and she just chuckled

Just like Marcy and Bonnibel, Emma and Regina loved each other but never said anything

"Aunty Gina?" Lakota's small voice broke the brunette out of her thoughts

"Yes sweetheart?" Regina cooed and Emma couldn't help but notice the softness of Regina's heart in that moment

Emma loved Regina so much. Gina wasn't only her best friend, no, the feelings ran deeper than that. Regina was so much more to Emma.

"Do you think Bonnibel and Marcy will ever admit they like each other?" Little Lakota asked with big, hopeful eyes

Both women blinked in surprise

"What?" Emma was the first one to reply

"They like each other Aunty Emma.... Do you think they will tell each other?" She asked yet again

Emma glanced at Regina then briefly meeting her eyes before turning her attention to the little girl

"Well I don't know honey... Maybe in time they will" she whispered the last part wishing she had the guts to tell Regina how she felt but just like Princess Bubblegum she was scared, scared of losing her Marcy, her Gina

It was quiet for a moment and they all continued watching Adventure Time but Lakota broke the silence again

"Will you two tell each other how you feel then? Please Aunty Gina and Aunty Em? If Cartoon Network won't give me a happy ending for my favourite characters, at least give me and yourselves a happy ending?" Lakota breathed out after her ramble

Both women blushed at her words and slightly chuckled

"Lakota is right Regina I just can't keep on pretending I dont love you and I-"

The blonde was cut off when Regina's lips smashed against her own

She pulled away smiling

"I love you too Princess"

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