Jori Meets SwanQueen Part 2

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A week had passed and Regina and Emma were still in Hollywood

The friendship between them and Jade and Tori were strong so they decided to stay a while, knowing they'll miss these ladies back home

Regina told Jade about Storybrooke and who she was but Jade didn't believe her one bit

Suddenly Regina had an idea

"Jadeyyyy" she cooes and Jade's head snaps up in anger

"1. Yes and 2. Don't ever call me that again Your Majesty" the goth said through gritted teeth

The brunette rolled her eyes but smiled

"Why don't you come home with us?"

"To Storybrooke?"

"Yep" Regina said with a grin

"What will Emma say?" Jade asked

Jade knew about the queen's feelings toward the blonde

"She'll probably drag Tori along"

Jade smiled a little at that

"Okay I'm in"


"Woah" Jade said as the four of them walked around the town

"It's so small" Tori mumbles

"Just like you" Jade mumbles causing a glare from Tori

"Kidding" she said with a small smile

Tori looked down with a blush

The two girls saw Emma and Regina approach them

"Queenie since we're in Storybrooke now are you going to show me your magic?"

Regina smirked as light started to shine from her fingertips

Jade gasped and Tori's eyes went wide

"You- you weren't lying" Tori mumbles and both women shook their head no

"Holy shit" Jade squeals tackling Regina into a hug

"You're real the evil queen is real" she squealed again like a fangirl

No one has ever saw this side of Jade

"Yes dear everyone in this town is storybook characters"

Tori gasped

"Can-can we meet them?"

"Sure honey who do you wanna meet?" Emma says with a smile

"Can we meet Elsa?" She asks Emma with a hopeful smile

"Sure c'mon"

The four of them begin to make their way to the blonde's house all the while Jade is asking Regina questions and Regina seemed to like the attention

When they arrived Emma knocked on the door

"Hey Elsa" she hugs the blonde and Regina's smile vanishes from her face

"Hey Ems come in guys" she gestures them in and they took a seat

"Soo who are these ladies?" Elsa asks with a smile, eyeing Tori up and down before biting her lip

Jade scowlded at the blonde

"This is Jade and Tori" Emma motioned to the goth and brunette before her eyes landed on Regina's upset face

"Tori, what a lovely name" Elsa said with a smile

"Can you stop staring at my girlfriend?" Jade said with a hiss, wrapping her arm around Tori's shoulder

Tori's heart beat faster and butterflies filled her stomach at the words leaving Jade's mouth

"Excuse me I'll quickly go make coffee" Elsa said

"Jade a word please"

Jade followed the brunette until they were alone

"What was that?"

"What was what?"

"Don't play dumb Jade" Tori said with a growl

"Well maybe I don't like her staring at what's mine

Tori didn't have a chance to respond as Jade claimed her lips

Emma and Regina

"Gina why are you upset?" Emma asked in a soft voice

"I'm not upset and why do you care anyway?" the brunette huffed out "Just go makeout with your girlfriend" she snapped angrily

Emma sat with her mouth wide open

Regina thought she was with Elsa?

She leaned over quickly placing a kiss on the brunette's lips


When Elsa came back her eyes widened

She saw Tori sitting on her dinnertable hungrily making out with Jade and when she entered the living room she saw Emma straddling Regina both of them making out too

She smiled softly quickly exiting the house to give the ladies their private time

She happily walked down the street

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