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I was worried

Me Regina chill Mills was worried

My Swan hadn't replied to any of my messages

When I got a reply saying she was in the hospital I cried

I was on the next plane to her


This was the first time I saw her in person

She left me breathless

Tears welled in my eyes as I saw all the wires and machines

I took her hand in mine as she slept

"Hey baby I'm here" I whisper to her sleeping form

I pecked her hand

Her eyes fluttered open

She gasped

"Regina?" She whispered

"Hey" I whisper

"What are you doing here?" She mumbled lacing our fingers together

"I wanted to come"

She smiles at me widely

The doctor entered and I stood up

"Gina wait" she mumbled

"I'm just going to buy food Em I'll be right back"

My heart fluttered


I lean down to kiss her forehead but instead I get pulled into a passionate kiss

I moan into her mouth and she smirks against my lips

"Just a little something to make you come back" she says seductively

Well shit


I'm back bitches

This is dedicated to my Swan I really want this

Babe I hope you feel better xxxxx


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