In My Blood

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 We don't have to wait all night to know if this is really love, we don't have to wait all night, cause I can feel you in my blood  


Song: In My Blood

Artist: The Veronicas

"My sweet, sweet Emma" I mumble into her ear and she turns to face me, laying a gentle hand on my cheek 

She connects  our lips for about the millionth time tonight but I kiss her back with all the love I have left in me

"I have to go" she mumbles against my lips, her soft, naked flesh slightly rubbing against mine

"Stay please" I whisper

"For you, I'll always stay" she whispers

She lies down against me again and she pulls me into her warm embrace

"Always?" I whisper



I know it's short sorry but I had to do a shot about this amazing song I've been listening to it on repeat link on top! I'll update again soon!               

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