The Mute Girl

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Biology, probably the most suckish period ever. UGH 

The dumb pumpkin face drowned on and on about some sort of alien thingy when he heard a knocking at the door

A beautiful blonde girl entered the room

"Ah welcome welcome Miss Swan. Strange name."

She nods briskly looking down at her feet

The whole time I sat watching the pretty blonde

"Let's see if we have an open chair" he mumbles his eyes scanning the room

pleaseplease put her next to me I silently plead

"Ah Miss Swan take a seat next to Miss Mills-" YES "Mills raise your hand please"

The girl looks up as I raise my hand and quickly takes her seat as the teacher drowns on again

"Hi!" I mumble excitingly 

She blushes a bit before waving back

"How are you?" I ask and she remains quiet

"You're not much of a speaker are you?" 

She looks down and shakes her head no

I place my hand on hers and her eyes snap to mine

"It's okay" I offer a smile

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