Texting Tove

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killyboopretty girls are like a fantasy but you don't keep it clean ✌

emmatheswanhun we don't wanna hear about your fantasies😳

killyboo: I know what people say about you they say the same about me...😔

emmatheswan: uh I don't have fantasies about girls...😲

reginasapples: oh so me hearing you moan my name was nothing 😏

killyboo: I can't hide my feels👏

emmatheswanwhat the fuck Regina!?😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😱

killyboo: c'mon zero fucks about it

reginasapples: no one cares about you pirate

killyboo: my true disaster

emmatheswan: ug Killian😒

killyboo: bloody hell don't get your panties in a twist😡 im listening music!

reginasapples: oml your music sucks😂

killybooexcuse me my queen fucking slays

emmatheswan: who is she😁😁😁 awe killy

tovethecoolgirl: I'm his queen😡.

killyboo: damn right😍😘

tovethecoolgirl: let's leave these basic bitches and go party with real people✌ meet me and Twanay at the club😏

killyboo: she's there?! why is my gf there?

twanayy: erm babe... im having an affair with tove😍

killyboo: WAIT. THREESOME WITH MY QUEENS😍😱 awe you both made my fantasies come true

twanayy: YES

tovethecoolgirl: YES

Killyboo has logged off

emmatheswan: awe that was cute😍

reginasapples: we got called bitches!? basic ones!!!

emmatheswan: by the queen of everything fml I need to go find that club and make out with tove 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

very random I know
my name is twanay in case you didn't know👏
and I need to go cause I gotta hot date with tove lo and killy😍
btw all the lyrics are by Tove
keep going to hell with the pretty reckless 🙌✌

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