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Fred. Sure he's nice and sure he's amazing but he's not her he's not Jen. My Jen.

After working with her for years filming 'Once Upon a Time' I've fallen head over heels in love with her.

She has supported me through everything ever since I found out Fred cheated on me and when I found out I've fallen out of love with him.

Of course she didn't know she's the reason why I've fallen out of love with him but she did know about him cheating and she almost murdered him

"Lana?" She whispers gently touching my arm making me lose track of my thought


"Are you alright?" She asked softly and I smiled

"I'm fine"

"You're lying"

"Am not"

She was about to say something but saw Adam approaching us and she remained quiet

"This isn't over" she whispered

Adam gave us a wicked grin, handing over our texts titled 'SwanQueen'

I looked at Jen immediately shocked to see her smiling


"So the Evil Queen and Regina has a fight Regina loses and dies, Emma confesses her love and Snow yells to Emma to give Regina true loves kiss. Got it?"

Me and Jen nod

"Okay action!"

I fell to the floor as one of the Queen's magic balls hit me in the chest the last thing I hear is Emma screaming my name before I pass out.

"Gina" Emma yells running to the brunette lying on the floor

Checking her pulse Emma's eyes widen and she lets out an agonising scream of pain followed by a river of tears

"Gina come back" she sobs into the mayor's chest

"I never even had the chance to say I love you and I need you and now you're fucking gone"

The blonde heard the familiar footsteps of her mother

"Kiss her" she heard Snow's voice

Emma frowned

"You love her. You can save her"


"True loves kiss"

The blonde thought it over and wiped away her tears, leaning down she softly presses a kiss on Regina's lips

"Cut!" Adam yelled but I was too focused on her lips against mine

She slowly but surely started moving her lips against mine and I pressed back

"Guys I said cut"

I ignored him and continued kissing her

This kiss wasn't shared between Emma and Regina but through us, Lana and Jen and in that moment I knew we would be okay

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