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Regina sat cuddled up a pillow. It was Friday night and she was alone. Henry was at Snow's and Charming, trick or treating, and Emma, God knows where! But she's probably with captain gayliner.

The brunette sighed. She decided to watch a movie. She made herself popcorn and popped in her favourite franchise, SCREAM, turning off the lights, she got herself settled.

5 minutes into the movie, she heard knock upon her door.

She stood up and opened it, almost letting out a scream but a gloved hand covered her mouth. The person put his finger over his mouth and her eyes were wide.

She was really scared.

Right before her stood a figure with a 'SCREAM' mask on.

She cried softly now. It was dark and she was going to get killed.

He pulled out a knife and held it against her neck causing her to stiffen.

"You thought you could steal her away from me huh? Well, now I'm going to slit your neck and Emma Swan will be mine! " Regina heard the smooth voice of Captain Gayliner and she gasped.

"Hook?" she mumbled
"Yes" he hissed
"Why?" she asked in a growl and he laughed
"Oh, honey, don't you see? She loves you and when you're out of the way" he pressed the knife against her throat tightly "She'll be mine."

" No I won't" a voice growled behind them. Hook turned around and there, in all her glory, stood Emma Swan.

"So nice of you to join us love" Hook said smoothly

Regina's eyes met Emma's and she could see the fear in them.

"Hook please give her" the blonde's voice came out softly
"No!" he snarled "why can't you fucking love me, like you love her! Why Emma? Why? "

Emma was beyond pissed right now if he dare hurt her Gina he'll pay!

Emma pulled out her gun and shot Hook.

He fell helplessly to the ground and Emma rushed to Regina
" Are you okay? " the brunette nodded and Emma hugged her tightly

" He can't force me to love him you know, my heart belongs to you. "

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