May I sit with you?

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Regina sat against a tree and she looked around at the students around her.

She sighed and leant against the tree and she took out her grilled cheese sandwich, about to take a bite when something fell on top of her.

A sweet scent filled her sensed and it made her mouth water.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! " Regina heard  sweet voice and looked up.

Her eyes was met with a beautiful sight.

"It's quite alright dear" Regina's mouth twitched into a smile at the slight frown on the blonde's face.

The blonde pushed her glasses up, blushing furiously and quickly grabbing her books, she was off Regina's lap in an instant.

"Sorry again." the blonde mumbled looking down. She pushed her glasses up and the brunette couldn't help but smile at the blonde's cute habit.
"Hey it's okay" the brunette mumbled and the blonde nodded before scurrying away.
"Bye strange cute girl! " Regina yelled out, in a mood to tease the shy blonde.

The blonde turned around giving a small wave and a small smile played on her lips, and a huge blush on her cheeks.

Regina chuckled to herself and bit into her grilled cheese heaven.


The blonde sat against a tree just a few feet away from the nice brunette.

Her eyes wandered to the brunette and she caught herself mesmerized by the girl's beauty.

She shook her head, blushing furiously. She can't believe it! Her mouth and brain had betrayed her! In her time of need! She never had a cute girl talk to her and when finally fate was on her side, she couldn't open her mouth!

She sighed.

She took out her new book and she flipped open the page and started reading.

"Excuse me" a voice said above the blonde causing her to jump. She looked up and blinked. The brunette was standing there.
"Yes?" she said uncertainly
"I couldn't help but notice that we both sit alone so... May I sit with you? " the brunette asked kindly
"Sure" the blonde grinned

The brunette took a seat next to the blonde and she extended her hand.

"I'm Regina" the blonde shook her hand and she blushed.

"I'm Emma"

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