The Prisoner Part 4

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OH MY GOD I FUCKING LOVE MY ENGLISH TEACHER LIKE I WALK IN AND SHE'S PLAYING LANA OH MY FUCK MY DAY IS MADE also this is violent sorry I'm a bit in a killer mode after I was told what happened to my girl and i'd like to do this and more to that bastard

Me and Harley asked everyone around town for Emma and no one has seen her

I was worried

Where was my Emma? Was she safe?

"Regina? We'll find her" Harley says soothingly

For a psycho she's pretty soft I always wonder what happened to her

"I know" I mumble giving her a tight lipped smile

A thought comes to my mind and I pull on Harley's hand

"Come I know where to go"


"Ruby where's Emma?"

"I don't know" she pipes

"Use your mutt senses" I mutter

"I AM-"

Harley slams her hand on the counter making me and Ruby jump

"Use. Your. Mutt. Senses." Harley growled and Ruby quickly nodded

"She was dragged out of the diner by Killian" she mutters

I growl at the mention of his name

"Where are they?"

"His apartment"


"Go find Emma I'll deal with him" I nod

I find Emma tied up a sock in her mouth to keep her from screaming and her face full of tears, her clothes full of blood

Tears brim in my eyes and I quickly untie her yanking the sock out of her mouth

She falls into my arms her body limp


"I'm here Em I'm here I love you"

She smiles weakly

"Killian is fucking dead" I mutter under my breath and text Ruby asking her to get Emma



"It's going to be okay" I whisper

She nods as Ruby takes her out of the apartment


When I enter the livingroom Harley had Killian strapped to a chair a wicked smile on her face and a bat in her hand

Killian was drowzy and I smirked at Harley

"What did you do?"

She giggles

"Not much"

I slap Killian across his face

"You thought you could hurt my girl huh?" I growl

His eyes open barely and it lands on Harley

"W-who are you?"

She gives her sinister smile

"I'm Harley Quinn nice to meet ya"

I laugh

"I'm not gonna kill ya I'm just gonna hurt ya really really bad"

"You're right Harley I'm going to kill him"

Harley pushes a button and electricity fills Killian's veins

He screams and I smile

"This is what you deserve you disgusting bastard" I take the bat and slam it hard into his ankles breaking it (something I learned from American Horror Story"

"I want him to bleed" I growl

"And he will"

She hands me a knife and I stare at it

She crouches down and drags the knife over Killian's leg leaving a deep cut

Blood oozes out and he moans in pain

I want him to feel pain I NEED him to feel pain

I push my knife into his other leg deeply and I harshly drag it down

"P-please s-stop"

"NO!" Me and Harley exclaim

Her fingers tap her chin

"What to do now?"

I yank his head back harshly holding him by his hair

"Beat him" I growl

She swings her bat around and slams it into his stomach knocking his wind out

"Do it again"

She does it again this time harder and then she's hitting him all over across his face, chest, stomach, everywhere

"Regina I think this is enough" Harley mutters

"No no no no!" I scream

"He deserves to fucking die for what he did to my Emma!"


I push my knife into his stomach and his blood fills my hands

"That's enough let's go he'll bleed okay?"

My hands shake and I nod letting Harley take me out of the room


It was days later when Killian's body was found

I try not to think back at the events and I'm broken out of my thoughts when Harley enters my office

"Hey Queenie"

"Hey Psycho"

We hug and just then Emma walks in

She has become a ghost after what happened

"Emma" I say surprised

"He's dead" she whispers

"He won't hurt you anymore" I mumble back

Harley wraps Emma into a tight hug

"I killed him I killed Killian" Harley whispers

"What why?"

"For what he did to you"

Harley glances at me and gives me a sad smile

"I'm leaving town before they trace me back to the murder wouldn't be the first one"  she mutters "I'll miss you Queenie"

I walk to her and give her a hug

"Fix her I know what it's like to be broken so you just fix her" she whispers into my ear and just like that she's gone

"Bye Harley" I whisper

I pull Emma into a tight hug and she gasps

"I'm here Em I'm going to help fix you I love you"

"You love me?"

"Yes Emma I do"

She looks at me and I hug her tighter kissing her forehead


*sits in corner with Harley and the rest of the loonies*

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