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Artist: Lindsey Stirling

Song: Mirage

Lindsey found herself in the small town of Storybrooke 

After playing 'Brave enough' with Christina Perri 

She got sucked into her violin and landed in Storybrooke to help someone who's not brave enough for love

She strolled through the streets, violin in hand when her eyes landed on a black haired guy and a blonde woman

Her violin darkened in her hand, telling her they're not meant for each other 

She watched them from a distance and saw a beautiful brunette woman walk by them, her eyes landed on the blonde 

Her violin changed it's color again, indicating Lindsey these two women were indeed meant for each other

Lindsey started playing 'Mirage' and as if in a trance the guy and brunette woman started dancing as a battle to win the blonde woman

Lindsey stood next to the brunette and played harder 

With every stroke she gave the violin the black haired guy moved back

She took a step forward as her violin started to light up

She knew the time had come and she lifted up the violin' pointed it at the guy and with one last stroke she blew him away  

She continued playing the song until the women were in each other's arms 

After she finished her violin happily changed back to its original color and she continued strolling the streets


This is crap sorry 

It was a lot cooler in my head lol 

But hey you're lucky I updated this and the mindreader lol

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