Never said goodbye

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A few years ago

Emma's guards bowed before her
"Bring me Regina Mills, alive"
"Yes your majesty" They bowed down before they left her alone.


"Emma" a twelve year old Regina Mills giggled out as Emma tickled her.
"Gina" Emma laughed at Regina before she leaned down on top of the brunette and Regina wrapped her arms around her.

Both girls sighed with content

"Emma" the blonde heard her name being shouted by her mother.
"Coming" she yelled back before hugging the brunette tightly.


Fresh tears stung Emma's eyes but she held it in.

She missed Regina, her Gina, more than anything. She promised herself she would kill Snow and Charming for ripping Regina away from her but she never had the strength to do so, instead she locked them up in a tower forever, making their lives hell.


Emma sat wedged between her mother and father as an old guy took his seat across from them.

"Emma" he said his voice croaking causing Emma to stifle a giggle " You have to come with me to the castle. Your grandfather, King Killian left you his kingdom. You are to be made queen."

The blonde frowned. She didn't want to go. What about Regina? Wasn't she too young?

Questions swarmed in Emma's mind.

"What?" Snow gasped and sat there
"I don't want to go" Emma muttered, tears stinging her eyes.
"You shall go!" Snow shouted

Emma has never before seen her mother so angry.

"Fine. But at least let me say goodbye to Regina."


Emma cried softly, her heart ached with pain. How could they do this to her? They had always said they'd protect her, what happened to that? They sent her away with him and her hell began that day.

They had locked her up in a tower until they forced the Kingdom upon her. The old man, that came for her that day, had raped her and when she saw her parents after two months and told them what he did, they didn't even bat an eye.

That's when her heart changed.

She accepted the crown and when they put it on her head, she assassinated the old man and threw her parents in a tower, forever locking them up.

And of course Emma began her search for Regina.

She sent her guards away and they began their search. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and it turned into years, but she hadn't give up on her only hope.

She refused to.

When the doors open her head snapped up.

"Your majesty, we found her in the woods." her guards, Richard and Andre, stood and behind them a brunette naked figure. Regina looked beautiful.

"Get her clothes and food NOW!" Emma's voice boomed and they bowed before quickly scurrying away.

"My Queen" Regina bowed before Emma and Emma jumped out of her throne, running to the brunette.
Emma fell down on her knees in front of Regina, tears streaming down her face.

She clasped the pretty brunette's face in her hands and she wiped away the tear rolling down Regina's cheek.

"It's okay. You're okay. I got you. I love you. " Emma muttered soothingly and Regina frowned.
"My Queen, why are you being nice to me? I'm only a maid."

Emma's heart broke in her chest. Regina didn't remember her.

"Regina? Don't you remember? I'm Emma" the blonde whispered the last part softly.

"Emma? " Regina gasped, her eyes wide "I-it's not possible! How?"
"I've been looking for you for years. It's their fault! They sent me away that day."
"But they all told me you were dead."
"They lied. They all lied. They never loved me. They sent me away. " Emma spat out and the rage made her decide:

She was going to kill her so callled parents.

"You found me" Regina whispered "I thought you'd forget about me." she was crying softly now and sobs racked through her body, causing Emma to pull the crying brunette closer.

"I never stopped searching for you. Never. I never forgot how could I? I was in love with you Regina Mills and hell I still love you. I never wanted to go, they forced me and I didn't even get to say goodbye." Emma cried softly.

"Emma I love you too." Regina said between sobs.

They kissed softly and when they pulled away, brown met green pools.

"Maybe we never got the chance to say goodbye but now we get to say hello. " Emma whispered and they both smiled.

"Hello." Regina whispered and Emma giggled
"Hello beautiful" Emma whispered before kissing the brunette again.

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