Sticky Notes

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I frowned as I entered the office and saw a bright pink note on my computer screen

I teared it off and started reading

Dear Emma,

I saw you in my dreams last night.

It felt so real

I was the one holding you tight

And never letting you go.

I can't put into words how much I love you and I'm too scared to do so


My heart did a leap

This couldn't be Killian, he never did things like these

I blushed slightly

I, Emma Swan, have a secret admirer?



I entered my office and sat down with a sigh

My eyes caught the yellow bright paper and I immediately jumped up, snatching the paper

Dear Emma,

Good morning beautiful

10 things I like about you

1. You
2. Your eyes
3. Your laugh
4. Your smile
5. Your lips
6. Your heart
7. Your softness
8. Your careness
9. The way you are with your son
10. Everything


I sat back with a frown

Who could this person be?


Everyday I grew more confused as I reread the sticky notes but it made butterflies erupt in my stomach

As I entered my office I immediately searched for a note and was disappointed when I found none

I sighed and went to my meeting

About 15minutes into the meeting a small knock on the door made all of us jump

He had a bouqet of white roses in his hands and approached me

"This is for you" he mumbles and leaves the room

My cheeks redden as I see my team giving me strange looks

I see the sticky note and I smile reading it

Dear Emma,

I hope you like the flowers, beautiful.

Sorry you had to wait for the note :(

Hope the flowers make up for it

I wish you were mine.

I want to wake up every morning with you by my side

I want to hold you and kiss you

Make you feel like a princess.

I really wish for that.



I went into my office and again saw a bouqet of lilies and a sticky note

Dear Emma

The meaning of a lily is 'I dare you to love me'

You probably want to know who I am?

Meet me tomorrow night at Margo's Steakhouse at 6

I dare you.


Fear and excitement filled my veins.

I couldn't wait


The whole day I've been nervous

I've waited for a sticky note but guess I don't get one today

I placed the notes in my diary and close it shut, my nose picking up the scent of lilies

I dare you to love me

I was scared. Scared who this person might be but I got some courage and when I got home I got ready for my date


I enter the steakhouse and see a few people sitting and talking

My eyes land on Regina, drinking coffee and reading the menu

"Hey Regina"

She jumps in surprise

"You came?" She asked surprised

I frowned

"Yeah I'm supposed to meet someone" I mumble

"Yes dear, me"

My eyes widen at Regina and she shyly smiles getting up and pulling out my chair for me

I blush slightly and sit down

"I can't believe you came" she mumbles and shyly pecks a kiss on my hand

"It's been you all this time?" I mumble and she nods


"B-But why?"

She chuckles

"I thought it was obvious by now. I'm in love with you"

My eyes widen and fear fills her beautiful brown eyes

"You can leave if you want" she mumbles "I tried at least" she whispers

I squeeze her hand

She looks at me shyly

"I'm staying"

A smile spreads across her face and she gently pecks my hand

We sit and talk and laugh for hours and hours

When we both stood up, she placed her hand at the small of my back and we left the restaurant, strolling through the night

"Thank you for this" I mumble and she stops next to me

The next thing I know she kisses me softly and I return the kiss eagerly

She smiles against my lips and pulls away, resting her forehead against mine

"You deserve the best" she mumbles

"I have the best" i mumble and she looks into my eyes

"I have you" I mumble connecting our lips again

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