What's for dinner?

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"Hey babe" I grinned into the phone and my wife chuckled
" Hi love" I could basically see my wife smile and I giggled
"What?" she asked confused
" Nothing Em, how late are you working?" I asked and she sighed
"I'm swamped with work Gina so probably late." she sighed again

"Well, baby I'm making dinner, what do you want to eat?"
"You" my wife's voice came out a low, seductive whimper and I whined
"Babe" she chuckles at my whining
"What? You're the most delicious dinner ever." she said matter of factly and I blushed

" You know what? As the mayor of the town and the wife of the sherrif, I have to make sure nothing happens to you like passing out or something so, you my dear I want home at 6 sharp to eat your dinner" I grinned

"Oh" Emma's voice dropped

"Or now can work too. I have been craving Swan the whole day" I whisper in a hoarse voice

"See you in five" my wife mumbled and I grinned sitting back in the chair

I'm going to love lunch and dinner.

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