The Mindreader, Emma Swan

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No one knew her superpower. Okay yeah she could tell if someone lies but that's only because she can read minds

It's a blessing but a curse too especially when it was someone like Hook

She shivered. Boy was his thoughts diiiiiirty yikes

They were best friends and he didn't know about her superpower (thank God) he'd probably pester her over his crush Robin

She knew Robin liked Hook back but she made him suffer just a teensy tiny bit longer and she in fact convinced Robin to ask Hook out on a date

"EMMMMMA!" Speak of the devil the blonde thought as she saw Hook running to her full speed and picking her up, spinning her around

"He asked me out Emma!!!!" Hook squealed like a crazy fangirl at a Biebs concert

Emma chuckled

"Good for you now could you please put me down?" Hook nodded and gently lowered her to the ground

Just then Emma's crush walked by

They shared a brief glance

'Lucky bastard' the blonde glanced at Regina and it was for sure her thoughts ringing loudly

'He gets to hold her and love her. Why can't I be him?'

Emma glanced around to see Hook bailed on her

'She looks so cute today with her tight jeans and her cute boots. She is definitely a princess. If only fate was for once on my side'

Emma suddenly had an idea and 'tripped' smacking her head against her locker

"Oww" she whined rubbing her head she saw the brunette running to her

'My poor baby'

"Are you alright?" The brunette asked Emma, her eyes full of concern

Emma decided to take advantage of the situation and giggled at Regina

"You're so prettttyyyy" Emma mumbled out as Regina quickly studied her face

"Emma are you okay?" She asked a blush forming on her cheeks

"Am I dead?" Emma gasped "heaven has beautiful angels" she whispered stroking Regina's face

'Even clueless she's still cute'

"Okay Swan let's get you to the nurse's office" she mumbled

"Prettttyy" Emma groaned as she snuggled into Regina's chest as Regina carried her to the nurse's office

She could hear Regina's heart beat faster and she leaned up, kissing Regina's cheek

"My pretty angel" Emma sighed dreamily

'She hit her head damn hard'


"Well she looks fine" the nurse said as she spoke to Regina

"Emma honey are you okay?" The nurse asked Emma and Emma just rubbed her head and when she looked at Regina she squealed

"Pretty angel!"

The nurse glanced between Emma and Regina

'This is all an act'

Emma's eyes met the nurse's and she had big pleading eyes, the nurse just smirked

"Would you mind taking Miss Swan home? She needs some rest and she probably won't remember any of this tomorrow"

"Yes yeah sure I mean of course"

Emma squealed happily and grinned at the brunette


They were currently sitting in the car and Regina turned to face Emma

"Pretty" the blonde mumbled and Regina nervously looked down

"I'm doing this now otherwise I will never do this" Regina mumbled "hopefully you won't remember this" she whispered

She leaned in, placing a kiss on Emma's lips

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