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So recently I've been called evil and sick because I have tattoos and quite frankly I don't give a fuck but anyway it still hurts ya know

I don't care if I'm evil or sick but my tattoos has meaning to me and if people don't like it screw them!

My heart tattoo symbolizes love (obviously) but it's a reminder to myself that there's people in this world that loves me

My cross, okay, now I'm not religious nor do I have a religion but the cross to me means having faith in myself

My arrow symbolizes hope forever which I kinda thought myself because Katniss gave me hope and I thought it was fitting to get it and now it's my favourite tattoo!

My heart and cross I got with my sister a week after she tried commiting suicide and it's very special to me to have it with my sis

I'm getting my mother's name tattooed in December (hopefully sooner) because this year marks her fifth year in heaven

And I will get more tattoos because it's my body and I will decorate it with things that has meaning to me even if I get called evil.

I'm a lesbian atheist with tattoos and apparently that makes me a spawn of satan

P.S the next time anyone tries to call me 'evil' at least put Queen at the end


Also I'm on vacation so I'll probably update a lot :) both the mindreader and sq oneshots, also if I wrote a bio about myself (since everyone is doing it) would someone read it?

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