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Regina woke up in a strange white room. Her eyes adjusted and it landed on a blonde angel fast asleep in the corner of the room, her head dangling in an uncomfortable position

Just then a nurse entered the room and the brunette sat up straight

"Oh good Ms Swan-Mills you're awake, I'll go get the doctor"

The nurse left the room and slammed the door shut, startling the blonde awake

Her eyes immediately found Regina's and the brunette's stomach filled with butterflies when the blonde looked at her

"Oh Gina" she mumbled, tears filling her beautiful green eyes

She walked to Regina and placed a soft kiss on her forehead and the brunette could feel gentle tears falling down her face

"Are you okay?" the brunette mumbled. She didn't like to see the blonde like this 

"I'm fine baby I just missed you"


"Miss I certainly don't know what you're talking about" her brow furrowed and she saw a look of pain flash over the blonde's face

"You don't remember me?" Emma's voice was filled with pain

"No, I'm sorry I-I don't"

"I'm your wife Regina"

The brunette was about to say something when the doctor entered the room with a gentle smile

"Good to have you back Miss. We'll check you up and in a day or two you can go home"

Emma swallowed hard

"She can't remember Doc" 

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