Happier part 2

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I paced the hospital room anxiously.

"Miss Swan we are sorry to inform you but Regina Mills passed away. We couldn't save her. She cut too deep and she lost a lot of blood and the pills were too much to pump out. We suspect she took two bottles of pills; we are so sorry for your loss."

My eyes well up with tears and a sob escapes my lips.

I feel arms wrap around me and I sink into Killian's embrace.

"I'm so sorry love." He whispers soothing my hair and I just sigh against his chest.

"Miss Swan sorry to bother you but we found this letter with Regina when she came here in the ambulance and it's addressed to you."

I give them a small thank you and tug the letter into my jean pocket.

"C'mon love let's get you home." Killian mumbles softly and leads me out of the hospital.

When we got home I immediately locked myself in the bathroom so I could cry and I fumble in my pockets, pulling out the letter which I realised had been torn a bit at the top.

I begin to read the letter, my eyes welling up with unshed tears as I read the last thing the woman I loved wrote. Did she decide to kill herself because of me? Was this all my fault?

I read till the end my eyes spilling tears all over the paper as I read her last words. Happy, she wants me to fucking be happy.

For the first time today I smile and I unlock the bathroom door; Killian immediately by my side.

"Are you okay my love?" he asks softly and I nod.

"She did this for me to be happy. Killian I need you to understand a part of me will always love her but I have you now and I want to at least give us a chance. I don't want her to die for nothing."

He nods kissing my forehead.

"I understand my love. You'll be happier from now on I promise you."

A/N probably not how you wanted to end but this was my idea of how it would've ended. Regina giving Emma her happy ending. 

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