Jori meets SwanQueen

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"Ôw!" Regina hissed as the blonde accidentally fell on top of her

They had gone through some strange portal and now all they saw were a bunch of hyperactive teenagers

"Where the hell are we?" Emma mumbled

Regina glanced around till she saw the sign

"Hollywood Arts" she mumbled

They looked around and saw one particular table that looked well half normal

"Let's ask them" Regina motioned to the table

They quickly approached the table catching the teenagers' attention

Andre, Robbie, Tori, Jade and Beck all glanced up in confusion except for Cat who just sat there giggling to herself about something

Jade was the first to speak up

"Who are you?" She muttered quite unfriendly

"Oh God another you" Emma muttered glancing at Regina

Jade smirked and stood up

"I'm Jade this is Robbie, Cat, Beck, Andre and Vega"

"Tori" the brunette snapped angirly as Jade smirked

"Totally another Regina" Emma muttered to herself and glanced at Tori

"Don't worry I get called 'miss Swan' on a daily basis"

A hint of smile formed on Tori's face

"Who are you?" She asked glancing at Emma

"Emma and Regina" the blonde motioned to herself and the brunette

"I can speak for myself" Regina muttered and Jade smirked at her

"I like you" the pale goth says

Regina smiles softly at the goth. She could feel a connection grow between her and the goth

"Shall we leave these idiots?" She asked Jade and Jade chuckled

"Sure" she muttered and they walked away leaving the whole group stunned

Emma glanced around the group trying to hide her jealousy of the goth

She always wanted to click like that with Regina and as her eyes landed on Tori she could see the jealousy flare in her eyes too

She took a seat next to the flaming red head who greeted her with a lot of energy

"Hey Emma!" Cat said enthusiastically and Emma smiled kindly at the red head

"Hi Cat"

Cat gasps

'She knows my name' she mutters under her breath

"Sorry about that she's.... special" the guy with the great hair says with a smile

Emma just nods

"You're Beck right?"

"The one and only"

"Where you from?" The guy, Robbie's, puppet asks Emma

"Yeah where you from?" Andre asks

"Oh this place called Storybrooke" Emma mumbles

"Never heard of it" Beck mumbles

"Me neither" Andre chips in

"What is this place?" Emma asked curiously and Tori speaks up

"A performing arts school"

"Oh" Emma says surprised

It was quiet for a while

"Soo Jade?" Emma asked and the whole group groaned except Tori

"She's mean" Cat whispers

"Really mean" Andre says

Tori rolls her eyes and walks away

Emma quickly gets up and runs after Tori

She grabs her arm

"Hey you okay?"

"Yeah I just hate it when they talk about Jade that way" Tori mumbles

Emma knew what Tori meant and she could relate. She hated it when people talked about Regina

"I know what you mean" Emma mumbles softly

Jade & Regina

The goth and the Queen took a seat on the empty stairs

"Can I tell you something?" Jade mumbles

Regina smiled softly


"Okay well i don't know why but I trust you so yeah okay I'm in love with Tori" the goth mumbles

Regina is quiet for a moment

"I know"

"What?" She says confused

"I know Jade I can see it in your eyes"

Jade stayed quiet

"I have no chance anyway" she mumbles and Regina raises an eyebrow

"Who said that?"

"Me" Jade mutters

"You have to try Jade if you don't try you'll never know"

"It's easy for you to say" the goth mutters

Regina sighed

"Imagine this right you're the evil queen and you're in love with Snow White's daughter what do you do? Keep in mind you tried to kill Snow and you're scared of getting rejected because of your past"

Jade frowned

"I'd give it a try. Why?"

Regina smiled

"Well there you have your answer"

"Regina nothing you said made any sense"

"I speak out of personal experience"

"Who are you in the scenario? The evil queen?" Jade asked

Regina smiled softly


"Well your majesty have you told her?"

"No" Regina mumbles


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