I need you to remember

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"I miss her mom"

"Oh honey I miss her too "

Regina hugged her son and whispered soothing words into his ear.

She missed Emma. Their Emma. After Zelena wiped Emma's memories she hasn't seen the blonde ever since and it broke her heart

She missed her best friend, her everything, her wife. And of course, Henry missed his mother more than anything

The brunette wiped a tear away and straightened her skirt as she heard a knock on her front door

"Coming!" she yelled, hugging Henry a last time and he too wiped his tears

"I'll be in my room" he mumbled and Regina nodded at him

When Regina opened the door, she didn't expect to see Zelena standing in front of her

"What do you want?" she spat at the Wicked Witch

"I-I wanted to apologize"

"APOLOGIZE?! YOU TOOK EVERYTHING I LOVE AWAY FROM ME YOU BITCH" Regina screamed using her magic she threw Zelena against a wall

Zelena growled standing up she raced to the brunette prepared to fight her sister

"Woah what's going on?" the sisters stopped their bickering and turned to see Emma standing there

"Emma" the brunette whispered

It had been so long since she saw her wife she was so sure Emma had gone back to Boston. There was no use in staying anyway, she didn't even know anyone.

"Oh you" Zelena muttered

"No disrespect but as the Sheriff of this town it's my duty to protect its people, especially the mayor, so do we have a problem here  miss?" Emma asked raising her  eyebrow, crossing her arms,  at the woman's rudeness

The woman chuckled

"Oh sis even now she still  fights your battles for you"

Emma, for the first time, saw tears streaming down the brunette's face and it saddened her so much

"Miss, again, do we have a problem here? I'll gladly take you down to the station"

The witch laughed

"I'm going, I'm going"

When Zelena left, the blonde turned to Regina, concern filling her green pools

"Are you okay Madame Mayor?"

"I-I need you to hold me" the brunette whispered and Emma, although she was shocked did as she was told

Regina cried and cried while Emma just held her

"I need you to remember" Emma's brow furrowed

"Remember?" she repeated 

"Please Emma, try, I can't lose you too" 

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