Imagine Me & You

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Something had been growing between  the women

It started of with simple glances and light touches that ended igniting a fire in both women's hearts

But Emma couldn't be with Regina of course she was a married woman and it wouldn't be fair to her husband, Hook.

She loves him and he's an amazing guy but ever since she met the brunette she was sure she wasn't in love with him anymore

It wouldn't be fair to hurt him so she stayed

She would learn to love him


"Whatever this is between us needs to end. I'm a married woman for Christ's sake!"

Regina's face showed surprise

"Emma what are you-"

"No! You don't get to talk here Regina! You make me feel something, something I absolutely cannot feel  I have a husband and I love him it wouldn't be fair to him if I hurt him and more than that, he's my best friend! This, us it can't happen"

   Regina was quiet as she observed the blonde moving up and down in front of her desk

"I need to go" she muttered and raced through the door leaving a stunned Regina behind

The brunette sat there trying to think of a response to Emma's behavior when the blonde returned 


Emma cut her off by kissing her softly, fisting her hands onto Regina's blazer she pulled the brunette flush against her

Both moaned softly at the contact and Regina's hand found its way into Emma's hair pulling her closer if it was even possible

  A knock on Regina's door made  both women jump in surprise, pulling away

"Miss Mills there's a man here to see you"

"Tell him I'll be right out"

Regina wanted to talk to the blonde but when she turned to her, she was gone.


Emma and Hook sat cuddled on the couch, a movie silently playing in the background

She couldn't forget about the kiss God it was so magical and dreamy like                                                              

"I know you're in love with her" Hook mumbled, breaking the silence

"What?" Emma tensed

"Regina. I know Emma" 

"I don't know what you're talking about"

Hook chuckled, squeezing Emma's arm

"Love, you forgot I'm your best friend. I know you better than anyone and I know you love her and it's fine I just want you to be happy and if it's not with me it's okay"

"Hook I-"

"No, Emma I want you to go get your girl"

She hugged him tight and he placed a soft kiss on her temple

"Love you"

"Yeah, yeah" he ruffled her hair before hugging her tightly

"Go get her, love"

And as Hook watched his love walk away to her happy ending he smiled softly.

All he ever wanted was for Emma to be happy


Regina packed the last few things she wanted and her mother glanced at her in concern

"Are you sure you'll be okay?"

"Aren't I always?"

She kissed her mother's cheek and she walked out of the house, calling a cab to the airport


Emma ran and ran until she was standing in front of Regina's apartment and she eagerly knocked on the door

Regina's mother opened it with a frown


"Is Regina here?"

"She just left for the airport why?"

"Fuck" Emma muttered                                                                                

"Here this will come in handy" Cora handed Emma keys and Emma bounced to the car

"Thank you!" she screamed, speeding away 


Regina heard chaos behind her and turned to look at it

"Ma'am! You can't go in there!" a security guard yelled and Regina saw a flash of blonde jumping over the booms

"Get back here!" 

"The love of my life is about to board that plane"


Regina came face to face with the blonde and Emma instantly kissed her passionately

"Gina. Stay. I know I screwed up and God I almost lost you! But I choose you Regina I can't bare to see you walk out of my life. I love you. I want you. I need you. Stay. Please?"

"Emma" Regina smiled


"You talk too much. How about we get back to the kissing part?"

Emma smiled widely and kissed Regina hard


Hook watched from a distance and smiled to himself seeing how happy she was because sometimes you have to let the person you love go in order to provide them a happy ending, even if yours gets ruined.


If only Hook really did this though...

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