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I felt the bed dip next to me, in the dark, and my arms wrapped around the body.

"Henry" I began soft, but firm, "I know you don't like Regina but you need to respect her more. She is your mother, your real one, because I don't deserve to be called that at all. She raised you and loved you through everything when I wasn't there and I realize that now. So that's why I'm leaving, tomorrow. You were fine without me and you'll be again. I want to ask you one thing.... Tell Regina I'm sorry.


I could hear the sadness in her voice as I laid beside her; could hear the beating of her heart slow down, telling me she's crying even though she tried to muffle her sniffs. I felt my own tears start to roll down my cheek. Never had I heard something nice being said about me, never. And now, a woman who's supported to hate me, speaks well about me.

She's my rock, I decided upon myself after her whispered words. Hell, she's been my rock through everything since she's moved in. Every night I'd sneak into her room and let her hold me close, keeping my demons at bay.

And me being the coward I am, would always wait until she's asleep and leave to my own room, leaving myself to roll around in bed.

I realize Henry is her rock, just like she's mine and she needs him just like I need her.

"Emma I want you to stay" I whisper

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