Cora And Snowyflake

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"Cora I need your help" Snow mumbles and Cora raises her perfect eyebrow


Snow sighed

"Because Emma and Regina"

Cora frowned

"They're true loves and they need our help otherwise they'll never say anything!" Snow exclaimed

"Yo calm down Snowyflake momma Cora will help you" Cora cooed and Snow gave her a glare

"What are we going to do?" Cora asked and Snow smirked telling Cora her plan


Currently Regina was locked up in her own office, screaming at Snow and Cora to let her go

"Mother get me the fuck out of here NOW!"

With a wave of hand Cora soundproofed the room and smiled at Snow

"That's better now dear will you phone Emma to come over?"

Snow nodded

"What do I say?"

"I don't know? Regina wants paperwork or something. Think of something Snowyflake"

"Do you have to call me that?" Snow said with a glare

"Do you have to be so annoying? Now shut up and phone Emma. This was your idea." Cora muttered and Snow just rolled her eyes

"Emma honey can you quickly bring Regina some papers?"

"Sure mom but why are you calling me?" Emma asked

"Because Regina is busy now I suggest you do it quickly she's already mad at the fact it's late" Snow chirped out


Emma walked in and greeted her mother and then Cora

"Where is Regina?"

Cora yanked open the door and Snow pushed Emma in

The blonde landed on top of Regina before she heard the door slam shut

"What the hell?" She exclaimed and heard something beneath her

"Shit Gina are you okay?"

"Yeah" the brunette muttered as Emma helped her up in a sitting position

"What the hell is going on?" Emma asked and Regina shook her head

"I don't know" she hissed out

Meanwhile outside...

Cora and Snow high fived each other in victory and Cora quickly unsoundproofed (if that even is a word) the room

Both women pressed their ears againat the door an heard the girls talk

"We're not letting you out till you talk!" Cora screamed and seconds later she heard loud thuds and yells from the other side

"Mother open the damn door!" Regina and Emma both exclaimed

"NO!" Cora and Snow exlaimed before Cora soundproofed the room again

Meanwhile inside...

"What is the meaning of this?" Regina growled pacing around

"I don't know! My mom called me and said I have to bring you paperwork and when I did they just pushed me in and locked the door!" Emma huffed out

Regina stopped pacing and stared at Emma

"What is it?"

"This is a setup"

"Why would our mothers set us up?"

Meanwhile outside with team QueenSnowyflake...

"Stupid daughter of mine! She figured out this is a setup" Cora growled and Snow groaned

"How do we tell them we want them to confess their feelings?" Snow asked and Cora just shrugged

"We could write them a letter" Cora suggested and Snow agreed

Dear Regina and Emma

We're not letting you go until you're civilized with each other


- Queen Cora and Snowyflake

"Seriously Cora?"

"Yes seriously" Cora muttered and pushed the note under the door

Meanwhile inside...

"A note!" Emma exclaimed and quickly picked it up

She read it out loud and Regina massaged her temples

"I guess we have to show them we are civilized"


"I have an idea"

She leaned over and told Emma her idea

Emma nodded and went along with it

"This is going to be so weird" Emma muttered before leaning over to place her lips upon Regina's

Team Snowyflake....

Cora unsoundproofed the room again but her and Snow heard nothing, no voices or shouts whatsoever

They panicked for a moment

"What if they killed each other?" Snow asked horrified

Ever so slowly Cora opened the door and her snd Snow peeked inside the room

"Aww" Cora whispered as she saw her daughter straddle Emma's waist and her hands buried deep inside those blonde curls

"So much porn" Snow whispered as Cora shut the door again

"Come Snowyflake we'll eat an ice cream or something. Leave these horny ladies alone"

Snow didn't say anything but silently followed Cora out of the room

"Porn. So much porn" she groaned

Meanwhile inside...

Regina quickly lowered the blonde to the ground and continued kissing her senseless

When they broke apart gasping for air and in a daze Emma was the first to notice the door shut

Regina did in fact hear the door but she could care less about it as she layed on the blonde

She glanced at the blonde's heaving chest and dark green eyes before she took her chin and gently brought their lips together in a smothering kiss

A Week Later

Cora and Snow had formed a weird friendship

They were currently in Granny's building a pancake house when they saw Regina and Emma enter holding hands and glancing lovingly at each other

Cora and Snow grinned at each other, sharing high fives in triumph

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