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I had this insane crush on Emma ever since she came to town.

It started off as a, well, crush but it ended up with me falling deeply in love with her

I never made a move though, because of that dumb pirate

But I decided fuck it. I will have my Swan, at least once


I saw Emma standing and playing on her phone

I stifled a laugh. She's always playing Subway Surfer. She's addicted to it

I magicked a mistletoe above her head and approached her

I took her hand in mine and she jumped, startled

"Oh hey-"

I leaned in and kissed her

She returned the kiss eagerly her hands gripping mine tightly

When we broke away she looked at me surprised

"What was that for?"

I pointed up to the mistletoe

She gave me a goofy grin and pulled me close

"Let's use this cherrythingy to our advantage"

She connected our lips again in a heated kiss

Sorry for not updating just had a rough week😿
On Thursday I'm on holiday so I'll definitely update more😺
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