Do Re Mi

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Song: Do Re Mi

Artist: HOMEGIRL Lakota Silva

Btw Kota is fucking amazing #ProudlySA

~before you pull that frown dont forget we saw that crown~

I had a pretty crappy day already and when the Sheriff entered my office I let out a groan and the blonde giggled

"What do you want Swan?"

"Uhm sleep, food, a raise....?"

I raised my eyebrow

"I'm not fairygodmother dear"

She puts her hands up in surrender

"Geez kidding" she said with a smile but it quickly faded

"What's wrong?"

I sighed rubbing my temples

"I had a really long boring day Swan and I'm tired"

"You're the mayor you know, go home or something"

"And who the runs the town?"

She stayed quiet and I smiled at her frown

"Well done Swan, you made me smile"

She looked up and gave me a small smile that streched into a grin

"Before you pull that frown don't forget we saw that crown" she said in a gangsta voice and I laughed

"I'm gangsta with an a at the end"

I shook my head and she gave me a wicked look


"Let's dance!"

"No Swan I can not dance"

"Oh come on pleaaaaaaaaaase! This is a perfect break..."

I sighed giving in

"Alright fine"


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