Amnesia Part 2

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The doctor continued his check-up and turned to the blonde

"I'm so sorry"

She just merely gave him a nod before he left the room

"I guess I better leave" the blonde mumbled about to walk away

"Wait at least leave your number. Please in case I remember something"

Emma scribbled her number down before she left and a tear fell down Regina's cheek

She needed to remember her wife. She needed to.

She cried herself to sleep

Emma sat on their couch playing a video game when her wife straddled her waist and the blonde threw the control down, resting her hands on her wife's hips

"Baby you're home" she said in a whisper and her wife leaned down kissing her softly

When they pulled away the blonde moved hair out of Regina's face, before cupping it, gently touching her wife with so much love

"I missed you"

"I missed you too"

Regina sat up straight after that dream and she felt those butterflies she had earlier this afternoon fill her stomach again

She picked up her phone and dialed the blonde's number

"Hi" she heard a sleepy voice 

"Oh did I wake you?" Regina said surprised and the blonde chuckled

"Yeah but it's fine babe - I mean-"

"Miss it's alright. I have a question to ask"


"You love me? Real or not real?"

"Gina I-"

"Please just answer"


"Look Emma I might not remember you but God I can't lose you. Help me remember please"

"Of course Gina" the blonde was crying with happiness

"Can you come over? I-I had a dream"

"I'm coming baby" the phone disconnected

A few minutes later the blonde entered the room holding two cups of coffee

"Hi" she mumbled

Regina motioned the blonde to join her on the bed

"Sorry I woke you" the brunette says sheepishly and Emma laughed 

"It's alright I get to spend time with you" both women blushed at those words

"The dream. It felt so real"

"Tell me"

"Well you sat on a couch playing a video game and I entered the room and straddled your waist and I kissed you. Real or not real"

"Real" Emma grinned

"What happened after that?"

"Well we had dinner and uh-" Emma scratched her neck "-made love"

Regina turned pink at those words

"Were we married then?"


"Are we still married?"

"Yes" the blonde showed her her ring on her finger and Regina glanced at her own, her heart skipping a beat 

"Can you tell me how we met?"


Regina laid down and pulled the blonde with her down, snuggling closer to her

Emma began their story. How they met. At first, hating each other but then falling in love. She told her about their first date and the awkwardness of it all, going on a date with your enemy. She told her about the feelings that started growing between them. She told her about their first kiss how both of them thought they were in heaven. She told her about them making love and the whispered 'I love you's' that followed. She told her about the proposal and how magical the evening was. She told her about their wedding night and how it was something straight out of a fairytale, how Regina was her Queen and she was the brunette's princess. And finally she whispered her wedding vows into Regina's ear

"I will always love you" she whispered when she was finished sure the brunette was asleep but Regina turned to face the blonde

She softly kissed her wife and that was enough to bring several memories back to her mind

When she pulled away, the blonde had a surprised look on her face

"I'm lucky I get to fall in love all over again"

Emma and Regina cried, just holding each other and yeah maybe Regina didn't remember everything and yeah it was horrible but she had Emma. And Emma had her and somehow that was enough.    

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