Red Leather Jacket

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I hit over 3k thank you lovely lesbians and gents who keep on reading my stories I love you all sooo muchies sorry I haven't been updating as much I'm just in a really fucked up place in my life rn and I'm sad sooo yeah anyway enjoy!

It's been four months. Four months since Regina had to see Emma, her best friend and the girl she fell in love with, head to another country to protect their own

Regina remembered the day Emma told her way too clearly

"Gina" the blonde's voice filled Regina's ears as they sat on the couch watching a movie

Regina turned to face the blonde with a smile but it disappeared when she saw the look on Emma's face

"What is it dear?"

"I joined the army"

It was quiet for a while before Regina burst into tears

"You- you what?" Came a sob

"I had to to keep everyone safe to keep you safe"

"No Emma what about your safety huh what about that?"

"I had to Gina"

Regina nodded and buried her face in Emma's chest and sobbed. Emm held her close and whispered soothing words

"Promise me you'll be safe"

"Regina I-"

"No promise me."

"I promise"

Emma wiped away Regina's tears and gave her a soft smile

Regina let out a sob. She missed Emma so much and she was so worried about the stupid idiot

She was about to get to bed and sleep a bit when her phone rang


"Regina I need you to get papers from Emma's office please David's busy"

Regina let out a groan



Regina entered the dark office and pulled open the curtains letting light flow in

It was obvious no one has been in here ever since she left

She spotted the papers and then her eyes landed on Emma's jacket

The stupid red leather jacket she loved so much

The brunette picked it up and immediately smelled it

She decided to take the jacket planning on giving it back to Emma if she ever sees her again

She hugged the jacket tightly leaving the office


The brunette sat on her couch silently watching the Vatican Tapes (A/N flipping want to see that movie) crying into her pillow wrapped up in Emma's jacket

"I thought you hated my jacket Gina"

The brunette looked up with a start to see a smiling Emma in her doorway

Immediately she jumped up and in an instant she was in the blonde's arms

"Emma oh Emma"

The blonde chuckled hugging Regina thighter

Regina kissed the blonde and Emma let out a soft moan

When they pulled away Emma gave Regina a cocky smile

"If this is the way you greet me from now on I need to go away more"

"Dont you dare" Regina growled between kisses

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