Forbidden Love

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Princess Regina sees a familiar blonde servant pass by her room and she quickly pulls her in by the waist

She turns around and kisses the blonde hard

The blonde moans loudly and they fall on the bed the blonde quickly straddling the princess' waist

A tongue enters Regina's mouth and the princess lets out a soft moan

Regina grabs the collar of the younger woman's shirt and pulls her even closer

They brek away gasping for air and the blonde lays her head on the princess' chest

The brunette runs her hands through the blonde's hair

"I missed you Regina" the blonde says her green eyes glossy with tears

"I missed you too Emma"


The hand of King Henry slams down on the table and his wife flinches

"What is it dear?" She asks hesitantly not wanting to get beaten again

"Shut up you whore" he growls

Cora doesn't flinch anymore those words she's used to hearing

"I saw Regina kiss one of the low life servants!" The King growls

Cora remains quiet for her own safety

"I will not stand for this! I will not let my daughter be a a les-"

"A lesbian" Cora mutters

"She will marry a man"


That night at dinner there was a stange man joining them

"Reggie this is Prince Robin Lord Farkwad's son" (is that how you spell it? Also it's the only name I could think if loool SHREK)

"Hi" Regina mutters not in the mood to talk to this prince

He takes her hand kissing it

"Hello my love"

Regina slams her hand down on the table

"Don't you dare touch me!"

She quickly gets up

"Excuse me"


"Honey can I come in?"

Regina yanked open the door and pulled her mother into a hug

"Mom" she cried happily

"Hey baby"

Cora was only allowed to see her daughter once a week

"Mom I missed you"

Cora hugged her daughter tighter

"I missed you too baby"

When they finally break their hug Cora cups Regina's face

"Honey listen to me you have to go you and this servant-"

"Emma her name is Emma"

Cora smiled softly

Emma. So that's the name of Regina's knight in shining armour

"You and Emma you need to leave your father's planning a wedding with Robin-"


"You need to go baby I want you to be happy"

Tears streamed down Regina's face

"Mom no I can't leave what about you? Dad will kill you"

Cora cried

"I don't care go you need your happy ending"

"Cora your time is up" one of the guards say

"Have some respect she's a queen" Regina spat

"Not anymore" the guard says smiling

"Come Cora"

"Please just one more minute" Cora pleaded


"Please" she pleaded

He grabbed her pulling her out of the room

When she was gone Regina cried harder

"I didn't even get to say goodbye"

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