Oops! I Stole Hollywood

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Lzzy Hale (Halestorm)
Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless)
Paramore (Hayley, Taylor, Jeremy)
Lana Del Rey
Taylor Swift
Karlie Kloss
Cara Delevingne
Aria (Pretty Little Liars)
Spencer (Pretty Little Liars)
Emily (Pretty Little Liars)
Hanna (Pretty Little Liars)
Alison (Pretty Little Liars)
Ezra (Pretty Little Liars)
Caleb (Pretty Little Liars)
Toby (Pretty Little Liars)
Ellie Goulding
Tove Lo
Chanel 1,3,5 (Scream Queens)
Alex  (Orange Is The New Black)
Piper (Orange Is The New Black)
Maura Isles (Rizzoli & Isles)
Jane Rizzoli (Rizzoli & Isles)
Audrey (Scream)
Emma (Scream)
Noah (Scream)
The Veronicas (Lisa and Jess)
Lynn Gunn
Kat Von D
Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)
Joanna Mason (Hunger Games)
Peeta Mellark (Hunger Games)
Katy Perry
Tori (Victorious)
Jade (Victorious)


Emma knew she was in a shitload of trouble

She had stolen her favourite characters, bands and singers from what they were doing and she needed a place to hide them because her apartment was way too small

Currently all the Hollywood favourites sat in Regina's mansion, having small conversations with each other

The blonde knew Regina was going to kill her

She inwardly groaned and spent her last few hours with her favourite people


Emma and Cara locked Taylor and Karlie in one of the mansions' many bathrooms

"I love you guys and all but it's time you tell each other how you really feel" Cara mutters through the door

"Cara open the damn door!" Karlie yells and Cara just gives an eyeroll, high fiving Emma she walks away humming


When Emma walked into the living room everyone looked so chilled

Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy sat with Lzzy Hale and Taylor Momsen talking about a possible collab

Noah, Audrey and Emma sat with Katniss, Peeta and Joanna asking them about The Hunger Games

Aria, Emily, Hanna, Alison and Spencer sat huddled up with their boyfriends and the Chanels, well except for Emily and Alison who cuddled each other

Alex and Piper sat with Jane and Maura, asking them questions about their jobs. Piper always wanted to be an ME and Alex always wanted to be cop before prison ruined their lives

Kat Von D was busy tattooing Ellie, Lynn and Lisa and Jess while having a weird conversation with Tove about 'hobby lesbians'

Beyonce was in a deep conversation with Lana, asking her about her music since Bey loved it so much

Kesha and Katy were laughing about cute videos of kitties online

And Jade and Tori were in their own little world

Jade was playing a game on her phone and Tori was fast asleep on her shoulder

The blonde quickly took a seat next to Cara and they discussed 'Operation Kaylor' if locking them up didn't work out


When Henry got home and saw Emma among the celebs his eyes widened

His eyes landed on Katniss and he shyly approached her, starting up a conversation with his hero


Regina entered her home and heard voices

She frowned and when she entered the livingroom her eyes widened

"EMMA MARIE SWAN! KITCHEN NOW" Regina's voice boomed

Emma gulped but followed Regina

"It was nice knowing you babe!" Cara exclaimed


Regina paced back and forth

"What were you thinking?" Regina asked the blonde with a scowl

"I- I don't know" Emma mumbled

"You brought prisoners here! And and people who are being chased by serial killers Emma!"

"I know I know"

"Who else is here?"

"Karlie and Taylor.. Me and Cara locked them up in the bathroom... And..."

Emma quickly pulled Lana into the kitchen

Regina's eyes widened. She couldn't believe Emma had remembered who her idol was

"Emma..." the brunette whispered, her eyes filling with tears

No one had ever done this for her

Emma smiled widely

"I'll be in the livingroom"

When she entered the livingroom she yelled out

"I'm not going to die bitchesss!!!"

Everyone laughed at Emma


After everyone left Emma knew she was in for a big speech

"Look Regina I-"

"No" Regina whispered and surprised Emma when she hugged her

"No one has ever done this for me thank you Emma" Regina whispered

Her talk with Lana meant more to her than the blonde could ever know

Emma smiled softly

"My pleasure"

"Nawww look at you two"

Emma and Regina jumped at Cara's voice

"Cara! What are you doing here?!" Emma asked surprised

"Checking if you're still alive babe" the model said with a wink "I'm heading out and Ems please visit"

Emma hugged Cara

"Sure thing bye Carebear"


This was a random idea I had lol

To my friend Jade you're beautiful and I love you honey <3

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