I heart you

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Emma sat cuddled up to a pillow crying her heart out

"Baby?" Regina said softly as she saw the state her girlfriend was in

"Hmm?" Emma mumbled, wiping a tear away

"What's wrong?" the brunette's brow furrowed in concern

"Vauseman" she muttered and Regina couldn't help but chuckle

"What did Alex and Piper do this time babe?"

"They gave me the feels" the blonde mumbled and Regina took a seat next to her, pulling her closer

"Why do you watch it then?"

"It's cute" she huffed and Regina smiled

"Alright babe let's continue watching your ship" the blonde nodded and cuddled into Regina's side

'I heart you' Alex muttered

'You heart me?'


'I heart you too'

Emma cried and even Regina had tears in her eyes

"Alex found love"

"She did" Regina smiled and Emma kissed her cheek

In that moment Regina knew she had feelings for her girlfriend of about four months

"Let's take a nap baby" the brunette cooed and Emma took her hand and they walked to their room

They laid next to each other not yet touching but still close enough to feel each other's heat radiating off of their bodies

"Come be my little spoon little swan" Regina whispered into her girlfriend's ear

Emma glared at her but cuddled into the brunette anyway

Regina held her close and the room was filled with silence


"Hmm?" her voice was muffled and thick of sleep

Regina leaned in and whispered into her ear

"I heart you Emma"

Immediately Emma forgot about her tiredness and turned to face her girlfriend


"I heart you" Regina mumbled again and Emma stared at her

"You heart me?" Regina nodded

"Oh Gina" Emma mumbled kissing her girlfriend hard and with passion

When they broke the kiss, gasping for air, they rested their foreheads against each other

"I heart you too Regina" Emma mumbled and Regina shyly smiled placing a kiss on her lips

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