I Kissed A Girl

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Artist: Katy Perry

Song: I Kissed A Girl

Shit shit SHIT

I kissed a girl

A fucking girl

And not just any girl



Damn shit Swan!

"Hello Swan" 

Oh great my fucking boyfriend showed up

"HI Killian" I mumble

He goes in for a kiss but I give him the cheek

"What the 'ell Swan?"

"I-uh haven't brushed my teeth!" I stutter "you know morning breath and such"


"Oh" he says

He looks like he wants to say something but instead answers his phone

"Look Swan I gotta go" he mumbles and kisses your cheek before storming off

I groan 

I missed kissing Regina she had such soft lips and they tasted of cherry chap stick

Much better than Hook's whiskey breath

I groan again 

"Ugh dammit" I yell

"You alright miss Swan?"

Regina. This is her bloody fault 

Her and her bloody soft lips and her bloody sexiness bloody hell

"You" I growl "This is all your bloody fault"

"Me? What did I do?"

"You fucking kissed me"

She smirks

"Oh that"

"Yes. That"

"What about it?" she says innocently, biting her lip


"Come now Swan... You liked it. You kissed me back" she whispers into my ear 

I gulp nervously

"I-I have a boy-boyfriend" I stutter out but truth is ever since she entered the room he left my brain

She places soft kisses on my neck

"Are you sure about that Swan?"

"Shut up and kiss me" I growl

She smirks smashing her lips against mine


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